Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sessions 9 - Hanging by a Moment

I'm desperate for changing
Starving for truth
I'm closer to where I started
I'm chasing after you

I'm falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I've held onto
I'm standing here until you make me move
I'm hanging by a moment here with you

soundtrack: Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse

University - Cadence's Rental - 4:45PM

Feeling awkward about it but unable to come up with a plausible excuse not to go with him, Wyatt reluctantly drove Jett over to Cadence's rental on the south campus. He and Cadie both agreed to stay away from each other and wait until she was 18 and settled in school before publicly dating. No one knew about that night...

Still, he worried that they would give themselves away, a glance, a touch, the intimate things that you don't think about unless there is something behind it.

They pulled up to the house and found Cadence waiting for them on the steps arms crossed and a look of worry etched on her face. "Hey half pint, is Kelsey here?" Jett never noticed her unease as he looked around hopefully for the pretty blonde who was Cade's best friend.

"Sure, she's out back," Cadence absently responded barely looking at her brother as he strutted off toward the rear of the house her focus more intent on Wyatt.

Wyatt openly appreciated the way her body had filled out since the last time he had seen her. "Cadence..." Smiling he stepped forward and reached for her slim waist.

Interrupting him Cadence took his hand instead and led him into the house. "You need to see something."

As they walked into the kitchen she turned to face him a look of deep concern and anxiety in her expression. "Wyatt, it's...not good." She stepped away from the counter and looked down. Wyatt's eyes followed her line of sight until they rested on the counter and the inside spread of a tabloid.

Swallowing hard, he ripped the tabloid off the counter and thumbed through it. His face shifted from shock to anger as he remembered Ryan's accusations about discretion when he had taken Bailey there. It could have been shots of him with the professor but it wasn't. It was McDermott and Beth.

"Son of a bitch! You fucking asshole!" Livid, blinded with rage, Wyatt threw the tabloid down and stormed out of the house.

"Wyatt, wait! Wyatt!" Cadence shouted as she ran after him. Her words were lost in the late afternoon heat as his taillights made the turn toward South Beach.

Downtown Metro Area – Hard Rock Café - 8 PM

“I’m wiped,” Cooper remarked as he sat back and motioned the bartender over. “One drink and I’m out of here.” It was early evening, city streetlights beginning to burn into life.

Slim stretched and eased onto the barstool. The regular bartender wasn’t there; some redhead lolled around behind the bar like she’d been sampling the inventory. “You put in a long day – might have gotten more done if Heydon had shown up. Did you get a look at the caller ID when he checked in?”

“Cammie,” Cooper smiled. “Yeah. He’s been sweating over her for years. Didn’t you hook up with her that time in LA?”

Shaking his head, Slim laughed. “That was a long time ago man. And no I never did; she shoved my ass out the door that night for what the hell did she call it? A prior appointment. I thought she was talking about you.”

Grinning back at him, Cooper laughed again. “I never got into that and you know it. The woman never shuts up. Not that I didn’t enjoy the view.”

“Who wouldn’t?” Slim stood up. “I’ll be right back, going to hit the head.”

“Sure.” Cooper looked over at the girl tending bar. She was still staring uneasily out at the street, after she’d taken a long strange look at him. Slim heard him snap, “Hey! You want to wake up? Can I get a drink over here?”

The place was almost empty tonight. Slim strode toward the back, idly noticing moths electrocute themselves in a bug zapper hung just outside one of the windows. He hesitated before walking past two women who were seated at one of the tables in the rear. Both of them were studying a tabloid and giggling.

The blonde briefly glanced at him when he walked by and burst into laughter before turning back to the brunette, if you could call that hair brunette, who kept looking at the thing and whispering.

Uncomfortable and suspicious, he took a quick look at the cover of the trash, wondering for a split second if there was something there about him personally. It didn’t happen frequently, but it had happened more than once.

No, it wasn’t him. It was Coop and that damned model he’d hired for the video. If she was taking something on the side from Probe, he’d shut that down hard and fast. “Can I borrow this?” Slim rumbled and took it right out of the woman’s hands without waiting for an answer.

Walking away from them, he snapped the thing open and paused, stunned. Goddamn…Slim inhaled hard. McDermott. He knew it. He’d seen it that night in Paris, the fucker standing there drooling like a dog sniffing after a bitch in heat. He should have done something about it right there and right then. If he had, maybe he could have prevented it from going as far as it looked like it had. Coop. Slim looked over at his friend. Was he going to have to be the one to drop this on him?

Downtown Metro Area – Chinatown - 8 PM

It had been a lifetime since Ryan had heard from Melinda Owen. She was the last person he ever expected to contact him; they had a past, one that he buried deep into the recesses of his mind. Ryan had been a Navy SEAL with Damian, raising all kinds of hell, best friends since childhood and inseparable until Melinda came along. She was young, Damian was charming and Ryan tried to warn her off of him but she wouldn't listen. When things started to turn bad, he made one last plea for her to get out. Melinda slammed the door in his face.

Shaking it off, shoving it back down, Ryan waited for her now, all these years later. Personal security was not going to be an option right now, not with a baby to raise. Melinda said she had a proposition for him. He laughed at the irony of that coming from her but he was running out of alternatives. The least he could do was to listen to what she had to say.


He rose and slowly dragged his eyes up along the length of her legs, her hips and narrow waist, lingering briefly on her breasts and then met her amused gaze. "You haven't changed; did you enjoy that?" she smiled sardonically and sat in the chair he offered.

Sitting back down Ryan gestured to the waiter to bring a round of drinks and eased back in the chair. "As a matter of fact I did but then you ought to be used to that. You look good Mel. How is the sex trade treating you?" He smiled back at her but it never reached his eyes. He still remembered the night Damian brought him to the St. James when, desperate, Mel was trading sex for money. She had seemed mortified, Damian found it hysterical and he...Ryan shook the memory off.

Melinda remained silent, her expression impassive. "I moved past that ages ago Ryan. I didn't ask you to meet me to discuss my sexual expertise; I have a business proposition."

"So you told me. I don't know what you think I can do for you or for your whorehouse." Ryan shifted uncomfortably. Melinda had plenty of bouncers to keep the patrons in line, not something he was interested in doing no matter how dire his situation was. If she was in danger, it wasn't apparent by her behavior. She had a kid; Ryan wasn't up to babysitting an adolescent either.

Melinda folded her hands and leaned in toward him. "I need something looked into Ryan, something that requires discretion, something a person with your training can handle."

"Then hire a detective or go to the cops. I don't do that." Ryan's eyes wandered around the place taking in all the patrons with mild interest.

"Ryan, I need someone with your...expertise. I know who and what you were before celebrities began using your services. I'm prepared to pay your usual fees, more if I have to."

Ryan sighed before flatly refusing her offer. "No. This isn't what I'm looking for. Sorry Mel, you need to find some other guy."

Reaching into her bag, Melinda looked directly at him, "I don't want another guy Ryan and I don't really think you are in a position to be selective." She gently pushed Probe toward him.

Ryan froze as the images on the cover slowly sank in. Maintaining his composure was difficult, he remembered that night vividly, and he swallowed hard. Ryan picked up the tabloid and began leafing through the pages his anger growing with each one until he could no longer hide it.

Melinda looked away as if uncomfortable with his growing rage and horror. Ryan struggled, his face hard as he fought to suppress his emotions. Her voice uneasy, she reached across the table toward him with a tentative gesture. “Ryan, I’m sorry, I thought you knew. Please, talk to me.”

Crumpling the tabloid Ryan threw it down on the table in disgust and rose abruptly clenching his fists, breathing hard, eyes burning with a frightening blind rage. His voice was deep, low and intense as he growled, “I’m done talking. I’m through sitting back and waiting!”

Shoving the chair out of his way Ryan thundered out of the restaurant. Everything was a blur, lights from the street and cars driving by in a warped haze as he strode purposefully toward his SUV. Waves of heat rose up from the asphalt as he wove in and out of people.

Ryan hardly noticed them as he attempted to reign in the anger fueling the inferno of his emotions. Stopping abruptly Ryan turned and shifted his gaze beyond the endless line of tail lights toward South Beach, determined.

If he drove hard, he might be able to make it there in an hour. She might not even be there, not after this shit blew up in her face. If she wasn’t, he’d find her, where ever she was. That would be the easy option. If she was there…Stanfield better stay the hell out of his way. He was going after her, and he didn’t intend to leave without her.

Downtown Metro Area – Hard Rock Café - 8:30 PM

Slim dropped the copy of Probe back onto the table behind him. Cooper was looking in his direction, relaxed but curious. Damn this was going to be bad.

Cooper continued to watch him, waiting, his expression changing, tightening, until he finally asked, “What’s going on?”


NEXT CHAPTER: Sessions Chapter 10


S.B. said...

You did good. I absolutely love it! Fasten your seat belts, definitely picking up speed!

thewynd said...

So did you! Turning the volume up another few notches for sure.

Thank you for everything, always.

Phoenix said...

Oh goodness! I was holding my breath through this one. Waiting...waiting! And then the cliffhanger!

This is not going to end well! Not well at all!!

The tension and the story lines are just great! You two...*shakes head* Separately y'all pack a punch! Together it's more like a KABOOM!!!! I'm just saying! This was freakin brilliant!!

A lot of people are going to get hurt. I just wonder who will be left standing when the dust settles!

Wonderful, wonderful piece!

S.B. said...

hey Phoenix - thank you so much! We've had a lot of fun with this - I'm really glad it's coming across the way we hoped it would.

We rewrote and moved things around over and over again deliberately trying to maximize the Kaboom LOL!

thewynd said...

Phoenix, there is a lot more to come but this one really did have some explosive stuff.

It is a lot of fun working together. It can be challenging keeping things straight (for me especially) but it really came together nicely!

Thanks always for your support of our work. It means so much and we appreciate it.

Muzegoddess said...

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I am at work right now (yes, shameful isn't it)screaming internally. I knew it was going to hit the fan, but I didn't expect this. I can't wait to see Cooper's reaction. And Ryan, determined to get his woman. Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Wonderful writing and beautiful pics as always. Great Update!

~Drew said...

Just luminescent shots, stunning.

Wyatt openly appreciated...I'll bet. LOL! Love how Wyatt zoomed in on the fact Ryan was so high and mighty over Bailey, I had forgotten that. Wyatt whipped into a froth, this should be good.

Love the easy, male exchange over Cammie.

'Surf's up or is the body guard', LMAO!

Ryan and Melinda had a past, interesting. Love the little touch of pulling out her chair, such a gentleman. To a point.
Ryan is heading for South Beach, oh, this should be good.
Burn it to the ground, I can see it coming.

Wonderful update, ladies!

S.B. said...

Muzegoddess LMAO bad bad girl! Sneaking a peek at work!

I have to admit that Ryan's determination to storm the castle and take the princess is an alarmingly seductive prospect. No boiling oil but I'm sure he'll run into some serious trouble.

Thank you so much! It means a lot to both of us that you are taking the time to leave comments. Even from work....hehe....

S.B. said...

Burn it to the ground - that is certainly an apt description!

Thanks Drew!

Ryan is a gentleman. Well to a point yes but I sort of think that's a point in his favor...

Wyatt. Yeah. Got the lecture and the public humiliation and now it's come full circle. I'm on Wyatt's side with this one!

Gayl gets all the credit for the incredible tabloid headings. Well the whole tabloid.

Thank you.

thewynd said...

Thanks Muzegoddess! I don't know how you kept that screaming internal! I doubt anyone expected this or anticipated Ryan's reaction. He's waited long enough, gave her space and waited for what he knew would happen.

If you think this piece was explosive, just wait!

Again, thank you for reading!

thewynd said...

LOL! Yes Wyatt does manage to find the time to admire the view doesn't he Drew? Believe me, Wyatt has not forgotten that reprimand by Ryan. I don't know what he thinks he is going to do about it but I suspect he won't let it go.

Ryan and Mel did have a past but I am not sure that we will get into it in Sessions or elsewhere. And he is a gentleman, to a point as you said. Right now he is a man with a single purpose and that is storming the castle. Should be fascinating.

Thank you as always for your support.

Audrey said...

Ok soo I came across this blog recently after clicking links from other blogs (don’t remember which ones) but after reading one chapter I went back and read all the previous chapters and was so into the story and the characters (not gonna lie it took a while but it was worth it! Lol)

Anyways this was an amazing chapter and I cannot wait to see Coopers reaction to all of this. I don’t even think slim would be able to stop him once the anger sets in. And I think Ryan should just go get his son and hide, if not from Cooper, from Wyatt since he appears to be on his own mission to deal with what has happened lol. Great update and can’t wait for the next!

cheripye said...

Oh dear this is going to end horribly, although I am still holding out hope that Coop and Beth will get over it. And the pics of Coop and the model from the video, the angles could have been easily misunderstood, Beth and Ryan's on the other hand... *Holding breath*

That last shot of Cooper!!! utterly stunning, perfect for this update!!!

Cant forget Cadie did look very good! she is a beautiful young sim woman, LOL! and Ryan is on a mission oh dear... This whole thing is definately intense!!! I can almost hear the ticking... 80)

Bravo both Gayl and Beth!

S.B. said...

Hi Audrey! I'm always astonished that anyone would go through all 2 years worth of writing - tremendously flattering! Thank you!

Well let's see. Ryan is an ex-Navy SEAL. Cooper is obviously very fit but he's no physical match for Ryan. Ryan's one dangerous dude. He doesn't have anything to fear in a fight with either Wyatt or Cooper. Or both of them together for that matter.

Not that it would stop Cooper from trying to take off his head.

More to come...

Thank you so much for both reading and taking the time to leave us comments. We really appreciate it!

S.B. said...

thank you Cherie!

Yes the angles in those shots of Cooper and the model could have been manipulated. But since that's always the excuse, there's never any way to know what's real and what's not. It's an interesting dilemma.

I was astonished when I saw those shots of Cadence - she is really lovely!

Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

That magazine is like a forest fire. Just destorying everything in its path. How you made it... I'm just in awe. My poor photoshoping skills are quaking in their boots.

At first I was a little bit more concerned with Cooper's transgression, but it seems like nothing really happened with glamour girl outside some touchy feely flirting. Beth and Frickin' Ryan though! What the shit shit shit shit shit shit. Yeah, we're all aware of their "thing" especially since Ryan is a complete torch burner, but this is like bringing it to a level of awareness that is no longer ignorable.

And. Cooper. Is. About. To. See.


No seriously, that's crazy.


thewynd said...

Hi Audrey and thanks for reading! Wow that was a huge chore. It is always nice to have new readers and hear their perspective on things. Things are definitely headed toward a major showdown. We'll have to see what happens when the dust settles I think.

thewynd said...

Cherie! It is interesting how things change depending on your perspective isn't it?

I love that shot of Cooper too! Beth got some great expressions there. And thank you about Cadence. She did turn into a lovely young woman. A nice blend of her mom and dad.

thewynd said...

Veron you're right. All of it is on fire and nothing can be ignored at this point. It's careening down the twisting cliff side road and the brake lines have been cut. Let's hope the emergency brake works!

Thank you. We both appreciate all the support.

Van said...

I agree with Veron, great job on the magazine. I envy your photo-editing skillz.

I'm loving this story so far. The drama is intense. Everyone's done something to someone, but you can't help but feel for everyone and hope that somehow, they all win. Purely awesome. Keep up the good work :D

S.B. said...

Hey Dinuriel - thanks from both of us! Gayl's photo-editing skills are indeed awesome.

Glad you reacted that way. Mistakes made all round, but there are no 'bad guys'.

We really appreciate that you took the time to read and leave a comment. Thank you again!

thewynd said...

Thanks Dinuriel! Wow, if you ripped through 2+ years of writing that quickly I am truly impressed! Trust me, the summaries are much easier to get through!

Thanks for reading...lots more to come.

Mao said...

Sorry I am so late, ladies! It's a good thing I did a last-minute blog run before we leave.

Wow, I cannot WAIT to see what Cooper's reaction will be. What a naughty place to end it, LOL. And Ryan, what's he doing? I'm almost afraid to see where he's going.

Same deal with Wyatt. This is just crazy insane and about to blow up. I love it! I can't wait for more. You both did a great job, especially with those shots.

S.B. said...

thank you Mao - we're enjoying ourselves LOL!

Ryan thinks he's going to rescue the damsel in distress. We'll see how well that works.

Congratulations and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well for you in KW, no last minute craziness!

thewynd said...

Mao! Thanks for taking the time to comment with all you have going on! We are naughty aren't we?

Will be thinking of you on your day!

S@n said...

Oh my!!! Another amazing chapter!!!!
The tension and drama are high rising now!!!
wonderful wonderful chapter I can't wait to read the last chapter!!! :D

S.B. said...

thanks S@ndy!

high wind and water yes, that's for sure!

Emily said...

Man what a chapter! Now that the awe has worn off over the awesome work you did on that magazine, it's hitting home just how awful the effect will be on everyone involved. Wyatt's reaction particularly was so heart wrenching, I felt so bad for him! I'm not sure who he's more angry with but it should be Ryan! :D
(You know I can't stand me some Ryan!) LOL.

Anyways, this whole thing sucks but makes for some incredible, emotional, gorgeous writing. The intense building up was so perfect, I was almost holding my breath!

Well done you two - take yourselves a bow! Cannot wait to read more!

thewynd said...

Thanks Emily, yes Wyatt is angry at Ryan. He has a lot of his father's temperament and flared hard and fast. Ryan humiliated him and then turned around and did the same thing. I'm not sure Wyatt is actually affected by the rest. He has grown up with this sort of thing.

It has been an incredible journey for us to put these pieces out. If we are eliciting reactions, we are accomplishing our mission.

Colliegirl said...

Oh my! The tension is mounting and the actors are all moving into place. It's going to be quite a bangarang if they all come together at once! Looks like things are fixing to get really dangerous, or really ugly!

Too bad the kids had to get caught up in this. I really felt for Wyatt. It seems to have affected him the most.

Love that last picture of Coop. The thoughtful sidelong expression on his face was remarkable! I'm very curious to see what his reaction is going to be.

Cadence is beautiful! She's turned into a lovely young lady. I am really hoping that she and Wyatt can explore that natural attraction some day.

Well done! : D

S.B. said...

Colliegirl - thank you!

Wyatt always feels things deeply. He resents Ryan; so to see Ryan doing what he told Wyatt not to do infuriated him.

Cadence certainly is lovely. She seems a perfect fit for Wyatt.

I love that shot of Cooper too. Reminds me of some of the early shots. His reaction is going to be ugly, no way around that.