Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sessions 10 - Used To

We used to have this under control, we never thought we used to know
At least there's you and at least there's me
Can we get this back? Can we get this back to how it used to be?

soundtrack: Used To - Daughtry

South Beach - McDermott Residence - 9:00 PM

Night had fallen by the time Wyatt reached South Beach and pulled up to Ryan's house. The long drive did nothing to quell his anger. Leaping from his car Wyatt tore up the stairs and began to pound on the front door.

"Ryan! Open the damned door! Ryan!"

Frustrated and seething, Wyatt stood hands on hips and quickly looked around. Everything was dark, even the lights in the pool were off. Moonlight filtered down and cast long shadows along the concrete. The Suburban was nowhere to be seen. Wyatt wasn't even sure he knew what would have happened if Ryan had been home anyway. Exhaling hard, he debated whether to wait or take off when the sound of a planter tipping over by the stairs startled him.

Adrenaline pumping now he shouted, "Step out where I can see you!" Wyatt clenched his fists and stood ready.

What he wasn't prepared for was his sister, kneeling in a corner between two big planters and staring up at him out of the dark.

"Rainie? What are you doing here?" Wyatt demanded, stunned, his pulse still racing with anger, his voice harsh.

Rayne climbed to her feet, dusted off her jeans and looked defiantly right back at him. Her face was shielded in the darkness but Wyatt recognized the attitude - she was pissed and not backing down. "I could ask you the same thing."

“I have my reasons,” he snapped back at her. “I can’t think of any good reason you’d be here though much less hiding behind a couple of damned pots.”

Rayne stepped toward him purposefully until she was inches away. "You are just like the rest," she snarled. "Everyone gets a pass except for Ryan. Everyone blames Ryan including you, but you don't know anything about it Wyatt!"

Whatever he’d expected, it wasn’t a passionate defense of Ryan. He knew his sister liked the man, but he’d never thought much about it, and it didn’t explain why she was sneaking around his pool. Irritated, he shot back, "And you think you do? What color is the sky in the world you live in Rayne? Do you even know what Ryan did?"

"I know exactly what happened!” she insisted, practically shouting at him. “I've known for a long time! You're the one without a clue! He got used and tossed out like, like well I don’t know what it’s like but it’s not right!” She was almost stammering with anger.

Her intensity momentarily silenced him. What the hell did she intend to do? What had he intended to do? Wyatt took a deep breath and listened to the street noise, concerned now that Ryan might actually show up and find the two of them hanging around outside his house. He’d feel like a fool if that happened.

His own fury draining away, Wyatt studied his sister more carefully. What was she really doing here? Was she meeting Ryan? No, she wouldn’t be waiting for him down in a corner in the dark. It didn’t feel right. "Rainie...come on, use your head,” he cajoled, lowering his voice. “What do you know, I mean really know? You were a kid for most of it. You still are, and you’re imagining things and making it up because Ryan was there when Dad wasn't. He was working for Dad; he had no right to do what he did. Nobody used him. He didn’t end up on that beach because he got used. Maybe you don’t understand but that’s not the way it works. Ryan's not the knight here, he's no hero."

Rayne's expression hardened as she stood on the steps, still obviously infuriated. She looked up at the second floor windows, and then raked her gaze back down and over him. But she didn’t continue to argue.

Taking her silence as agreement, Wyatt visibly relaxed. It was a mess; he even realized that could have been him in those shots when he was at the house with Bailey. It had been a mistake to come tearing out here. He couldn’t get in the middle of this mess and neither could Rayne. Their parents needed to work through this. The last thing they needed to worry about was him or his sister making things more difficult.

"Come on Rainie, I'm going to take you home. Dad and Beth don't need us stirring up more trouble than they already have." Wyatt gently took her arm and urged her toward his car. Remaining stiff under his grasp , Rayne nevertheless quietly followed.

“Rainie,” Wyatt added, trying to sound casual, “you could have run into the razzi here, and they would have found you even hiding behind a pot. That would make it worse for Ryan – you know what they’d make out of that. Does anyone know you’re here? How’d you get here in the first place?”

She tilted her head and considered him, her mouth set and eyes hard. “I’m a kid. That’s what you said, right? Maybe I was looking for my doll. Maybe I got here on my tricycle. And maybe we better go right now before I throw a tantrum.” She turned away from him and yanked open the passenger side door.

An ugly thought marched across the back of his mind and fired at him. Wyatt dismissed it. Ryan was an asshole, but he wasn’t an idiot. Even if Rainie had some kind of crush on him, he wouldn’t go there, no matter how determined she was.

“Yeah,” he said thoughtfully. “Maybe we’d better.”

South Beach - Stanfield Residence - 9:30 PM

An eerie calm greeted Cooper as he strode purposefully up the stone stairs to his home. Images continued to flash before him and fueled his anger. Sucking in a deep, quick breath he tried to erase the vision of those shots from his head.

Unable to shake them loose, unparalleled anger searing through him, eating away at his composure, he slammed through the darkened doorway and listened for any sounds coming from the house. The only response was the echo of his boots, heavy footfalls on the stark white stone floor as he pounded one foot in front of the other toward the living room.

“Where are the kids?” he demanded as soon as he saw her standing there, in the middle of the living room, the lamps all turned down so she waited in half shadow backlit by the light from the pool. Chin raised and defiant, but he hadn’t expected to find her hiding in a closet.

“In their rooms.” She paused, and added in an edged voice, “Rayne knows. The boys don’t, not yet.”

“I’m not discussing this here. Upstairs. Unless you have a better idea - maybe the fucking beach?” He waited for her to react as he hit her with the acid reference, and it made him even angrier when she didn't even flinch.

He threw a copy of Probe down on the chair in his bedroom and the cover shot struck at him again. It wasn't unusual to see his face plastered all over the tabloids amid speculation of a dalliance or affair. They were obviously posed, manufactured, at least from his point of view. Seeing the woman he loved in an obviously intimate and real setting stoked his rage. Beth walked silently out onto the deck without looking at it at all.

Beth turned her back to the pool, leaning against the deck railing as she watched him approach. She tossed a stray lock of hair out of her eyes, hugging her stomach with her left arm in what appeared to be an effort to keep her hands from shaking.

Her hands may have been shaking but her voice was steady and cold. “You want me go first? How do you intend to explain Astro Girl to Rayne and the boys? It’s just fake. Isn’t it? It’s always nothing, just fake. Maybe you weren’t even there at all. That’s a good one. You could use that.”

That’s the way she intended to deal with this? Go on the offensive? He would turn that around in a heartbeat. Enraged, Cooper drew so close he could hear her rapid breathing. “Do not stand there and tell me you didn't know what it was like, who I am! You know damned well I was set up! She came onto me. I turned her down. Come on Beth! You’ve been there when some woman took off her clothes and tried it with me. The only difference is Probe and believe me I’m going to sue the shit out of them!”

She actually took a tentative half step back. His eyes were lit with a fire that reflected both anguish and utter fury. "You," Cooper challenged in a disturbing, quiet rumble, “have a lot more to explain than an encounter in a dressing room. Explain Ryan. Explain what I had shoved in my face when you swore nothing, fucking nothing was going on!”

Beth put one hand up on his shoulder – Cooper stiffened, rigid with anger. “I’ve already explained it,” she insisted, her grip nothing gentle at all. “I told you something happened between Ryan and me. Once, Coop. One time, back before the twins were born. I told you. And you know what you said? Do you even remember what you said? You said, I got rid of that problem, stay the hell away from him. You didn’t even bother to ask for details! Don’t you dare say you didn’t know what happened!”

“You told me? You said 'something' happened,” Cooper growled in a hard, unyielding voice. “Something doesn't begin to fucking describe what you did! Do you have any goddamned idea what it was like seeing it like that in a tabloid? You want to bring the kids into it? Explain that to the kids!"

She turned away from him, took one long stride down the deck then looked back. Lamplight from their bedroom flashed across the left side of her face, cheek, mouth, a parabola of gold on gold. “Of course I can explain it to them. You want to know what I'm going to tell them? It's fake. That's what we always tell them. Isn't it? Every single damned thing is fake. If it's fake for you, it's fake for me."

"That's bullshit Beth! They aren't naive enough to believe that crap! He was the fucking bodyguard!" His chest heaved as he struggled to control his outrage.

She paused and simply looked at him for a long quiet moment. "Then I need to tell them I made a mistake. A very big mistake. And maybe I need to follow up on that Coop and admit that I made an even bigger mistake."

Night wind off the ocean kicked up, branches groaning. It was the only sound as they locked eyes and stood precariously on the edge of a precipice.


NEXT CHAPTER: Sessions Chapter 11


S.B. said...

You did good! This really crackles!

thewynd said...

LOL! Right back at you! It's getting like a string of fire crackers popping off in succession. Quite fitting actually!

and thank you for managing the bulk of the work...

cheripye said...

Forget the fireworks of the fourth of July, this whole family is in an uproar and rightfully so! at least Wyatt is using a bit of reason, Rayne wow she's still so young and I am so worried over Coop and Beth's relationship, how this is going to work out. And Ryan standing there glaring oh boy this is going to be thick!

Stunning screens and beautiful writing!!!

thewynd said...

Thanks Cherie! Oh yeah the fireworks are only just beginning. And Ryan...dun dun dun!

It took Wyatt a long time but as Beth and I discussed, he is starting to mature and he is seeing things in a new light, not the least of which is his strong-willed sister.

We are working on how to handle the next bit but thank you for always supporting our work. It means a lot.

Van said...

Oh man, it's really starting to look hopeless for Cooper and Beth, isn't it? I feel bad for both of them, and Ryan, and the kids. Wyatt seems to be keeping a level head about all of this, but there's only so much one person can handle. The drama--can't wait for more. Awesome job!

Phoenix said...

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!!! It's getting down to the nitty gritty! And it's not gonna be pretty that's for sure. For once Wyatt is the voice of reason. I had to tilt my head at that! LOL!

And who's gonna take the step? Beth or Coop? Things can't go on as they are. Although Beth really didn't explain the incident on the beach like she should have. It really was glossed over but...

Even if she and Coop don't work out...there's no guarantee that she and Ryan would!

Absolutely stunning shots and the writing just blew my mind!

~Drew said...

Just fantastic, fireworks for sure, Loved the exchange between Rayne and Wyatt, "Ryan got used and tossed aside" Wow. how true. Wyatt's quiet reflection showed a step toward maturity to be sure.

And those last few shots, wow. Wish I had time to leave a longer comment. Great work ladies, tense, searing and amazing.

See you in late August.

thewynd said...

Hey Van! Yes they are both pretty angry and both rightfully so. It does look bad, especially with Ryan ready to storm the castle.

Wyatt is growing up. Seeing his sister's behavior opened his eyes to a lot I think, the consequences of his actions in the past.

thewynd said...

Phoenix, I know! Wyatt and the voice of reason...hey that might make a good chapter...LOL!

Yeah there is a major explosion on the horizon. Who will take the first step? Hmm, maybe Ryan...

There is a lot more to come; this isn't over yet. And thank you for the compliments. We work pretty hard to make sure both the writing and the shots work well together.

thewynd said...

Thank you Drew. Wyatt has really opened his eyes here. Rainie definitely made him see things from a whole new perspective that's for sure.

Yes those last few shots. This isn't over by a long shot! And please, no worries about comments. We both appreciate your support. You enjoy your vacation.

Muzegoddess said...

WOW! What a wonderful early (2:00am) Monday morning surprise. First, I must say that I am glad Wyatt decided to rethink starting World War III with Ryan. I would just love to see what little Wyatt was going to do to Ryan, the tall muscular former Navy Seal.

Rayne is turning out to be very stubborn and headstrong like her mother. Treading on dangerous territory with her fixation on Ryan.

I knew Beth and Cooper's run in was going to be ugly and now that Ryan has showed up......slat!!! That is the sound of s%&* hitting the fan. Great update, can't wait for the next part.

S.B. said...

Muzegoddess - thank you!

Watching his sister react irrationally sobered Wyatt up LOL. She's actually a lot like him. And he's seeing his younger self in her, warts and all.

Yes, more explosions to come. Cooper vs Ryan? Or something else?

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

S.B. said...

Phoenix - you're absolutely right. She didn't explain and didn't apologize. Both of them are screaming past each other at this point. And no, it can't go on like that.

Is Ryan an option?

Wyatt probably wouldn't have calmed down so quickly if his sister hadn't been there. He recognized the reflection...

Thank you so much for the compliments on the writing and the shots. For some reason the shots were particularly difficult to get.

S.B. said...

thanks cherie!

I hadn't even thought about 'fireworks' until the piece was posted but yeah, pretty apt LOL!

This one was harder than we anticipated - we really appreciate your support. Thank you!

S.B. said...

Dinuriel - thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment! I've started reading your work, which I really admire, so I definitely appreciate the comment.

Cooper's been through other situations/relationships that seemed hopeless. He doesn't give up easily, not when he's motivated.

Wyatt hasn't shown a lot of calm rationality in the past but he's changing.

Again, thank you!

S.B. said...

Drew - thank you. Things are certainly tense. And I'm glad those last few shots work, wasn't sure about them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment when I'm sure you have one foot out the door LOL!

Enjoy your vacation!

thewynd said...

Adding my thanks as well Muzegoddess. Not sure Ryan would have physically hurt Wyatt. I doubt Wyatt would have gotten close enough to land a punch (I love you Wyatt, but get real).

Many more fireworks to come! Thank you for reading!

chloe said...

Hey Gayl and Beth!

Long time since I left a well-deserved comment. I've been following (albeit quietly) and I never ever tire of your guys' work. This has been one crazy thread to follow, I've been on my toes! Spectacular work here.

I feel so sorry for Cooper. First Julia, then Beth. He had such love for both of them and both have hurt him badly in their own ways. He's such a family guy beneath his rockstar exterior. I mean, all he wants is a loving wife and kids to come home to. I hope Beth doesn't leave him. It's all too sad. I don't know what to think of Beth now. Perhaps Cooper left that gap in the bed a bit too wide with touring and stuff but still. He's crazy about Beth! Argh, I can't wait for the next chapter.

Having followed every single chapter and observing you guys' work, I can only say it keeps getting better. The shots are so good in this one! I especially love the one of Cooper, 4th from last. Such an apt and precise facial expression. He most certainly hasn't lost his charm at all. How old is he now?

Wyatt is growing to be such a fine young man, has his father's facial frame and his mother's eyes. Cadence is one lucky girl. I guessed the relationship just as much! She's gorgeous and she resembles his mother. They're perfect together. Whatever happened to Jett and Lorrah?

This is so so exciting. Cooper going through yet another phase, his daughter crushing on the man that complicated his marriage, his eldest son finally taking charge. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Love you guys tons and always a fan (:

with much admiration,

thewynd said...

Chloe it has been awhile! Glad you haven't given up on us and thank you.

I wouldn't feel too sorry for Coop. He has that arrogant ego that is less hurt and more indignant and angry. He can't blame only his wife for this mess, he needs to take some responsibility on himself as well.

Wyatt is turning out pretty well. I'm glad you noticed the resemblance between Cade and Julia. Interesting isn't it? I wasn't sure they would really like each other when she grew up but I was quite pleased that they do! However I was prepared for that to not happen as well. I don't force it with them, it works or it doesn't.

Jett is...Jett. LOL! He and Lorrah still date but...Jett is Jett. I haven't deved too much in that story line lately but I do need to go back. However right now Sessions is in a place where Beth and I need to focus.

I hope you won't be a stranger! Come on out of the shadows once in awhile and say hi!

Thanks again Chloe for supporting us. We do appreciate it.

Penelope said...

Annnddd this is why you don't marry a rock star. What a freak'n mess. *shakes head* I'm most worried about Rayne. Is she just too young to understand how screwy it is to chase after Ryan? So. Scandalous.

thewynd said...

It is a mess Pen! And about to get messier. As for Rayne I don't believe she sees anything she does as screwy. She is a very motivated girl. Not unlike her brother at that age but...different.

S@n said...

It's all fake!!!!
:( how sad would it be to realize that your life for the last what? 15 years has been a big fat lie!!!! yikes it sucks but you Beth and Gayl both rock and what an amazing mess you have created!!!!
every chapter is filled with so many emotions that I sometimes even forget I'm reading a Sims2 story!!!

wow, you two really have crated some of the most complex character I have ever seen!!! I love and hate most of your characters, they are not all good or all bad, they are just simply human with their good times and their bad times... you two are amazing storytellers, amazing writers and wow!! vows to you once again!!!!! :D Bravo!!!!1

Audrey said...

Whew! What a messy situation this has turned out to be. It’s sad to see that neither cooper or beth has apologized for anything and its all about who did what instead.. I mean I cant blame them though but still.. and ryan!? He sure is determined isn’t he.. but so is cooper…and it almost seems like ryan could be an option for beth with that last statement she made ahh you both sure do know how to leave a person on the edge of their seat speculating about everything lol and the rayne and wyatt scene was cute. hopefully she will be able to get over this without being too hurt from everything.. or anyone. Great update once again and looking forward for the next!

S.B. said...

Hi S@ndy - welcome back!

this situation is kind of a perfect storm. Attitudes and basic personalities set in conflict with one another when Hurricane Ryan blew into town and decided to hang around LOL. Might be an opportunity instead of a total disaster though.

thank you - I hope we don't have any perfect people or any truly evil people although a couple of them come pretty close to downright bad.

and thank you for your constant support - it means a lot to both of us!

S.B. said...

Audrey - thanks so much for reading and commenting!

Cooper doesn't see that he has anything to apologize for; not yet he doesn't. And faced with that, B isn't going to apologize, especially since from her point of view, she already did apologize back when she first told him that 'something' happened. It's a stand-off. Two very strong personalities.

Rayne's more likely to hurt someone else than get hurt herself.

thank you so much for the compliment about how we ended it! We do try to close on a dramatic note LOL.

again, thanks for taking the time to let us know you're enjoying this.

S.B. said...

Hi Chloe – so happy to see you again! Hope everything is going well for you.

Thanks for compliments on the shots – I notice all the mistakes LOL and annoy Gayl by whining about them. Glad you like that shot. Cooper is extremely photogenic and expressive and definitely still has all his charm! How old is he? Late thirties I suppose. In his prime.

I think he wants something more than a loving wife and family; he’s used to all the attention and adoration and takes a lot of things for granted. That does NOT excuse his wife’s infidelity but does help to explain both why it happened and why he didn’t believe it really had. Bad behavior on both sides.

Cade does remind me of Julia too. Not only the way she looks but her personality is similar in some ways. Romantic and idealistic. Like Wyatt. They make a very good couple.

It was really good to hear from you! Thanks so much for continuing to support us!

Sinclair said...

I cant help but feel like Wyatt was incredibly wrong for calling Rayne a kid. She may have been young for part of it but she has definetly been old enough to notice things when everything came to an end with Ryan. And regardless of how much she "understood" she was the only one there to see everything. So how does Wyatt get off saying she doesnt know anything? When he wasnt even there to see things. He only picked up on what he saw and his opinion of Ryan. I dunno but that just got under my skin. Hes saying Rayne knows nothing but in reality he knows as much as she does. If not less. I feel like someone needs to remind Wyatt that like his father he doesnt know everything! grr. I feel better getting that out.

thewynd said...

Hi Sinclair! Rayne definitely isn't a kid. She was around Ryan and her mother much more than Wyatt ever was that's true. However Wyatt's reaction to the situation is less about his father and step-mother and more about what Ryan did to him here.

I do think he is beginning to get a sense for who his sister is. No one has really picked up on Rayne in all of this. She has flown pretty low under the radar of her family.

And yeah he doesn't know everything! LOL! Glad that you feel better and thank you! It's great to hear people's thoughts about what we do!

S.B. said...

Sinclair – thanks!

Yeah what Gayl said.


I hope you know how thrilling it is to know that we’re creating something complex enough to generate a variety of opinions.

Keep hitting us with anything and everything!

And again, thanks!

Anonymous said...


I can't comment like I want to right this minute. But I'm coming back.

I am. coming. back.

S.B. said...


holy snickers bar kind of says it all to me!

Emily said...

Well this was more explosive than any fireworks! LOL. What a chapter, you both do just get better and better.

And what a place to end it! Oh you two are so eeeeevil. Ryan stepping in the middle of that fight? Let's just go ahead and add CRAZY to his list of attributes! :D

Dang, somebody needs to reign in...Rayne! I think what Wyatt said to her about Ryan was spot on. After all she was a kid most of the time he was around, what she remembers of him is probably glorified. Although calling your headstrong sister a kid wasn't such a great move Wy!

Wonderful chapter guys, I'm going to go nuts waiting for the next one!

Anonymous said...

I'm back! Okay, first off, Rayne is continuing to bug me a little bit. I mean, I can see where she is coming from, but again, she's concerned in matters that have very little, if anything to do with her, and she's being a bit delusional. To the point where fluffin' WYATT is being more mature about it. And for a minute there, it seemed like Rayne was always the one pushing sense into his brain. I just don't like how she's taking this. Be angry, yes, do that, but be angry over how this is affecting your family, not motherfrakin' Ryan. You're a teen! What are you doing!

And Cooper is handling this way better than I thought he was. I'm not sure what kind of explosion I was expecting, but I don't think I was expecting to see an ultimatum come from it.

RYAN IS DOWNSTAIRS. *convulsions*

S.B. said...

Emily – thanks!

I don’t know how crazy Ryan is to get in the middle of the fight. He’s expecting resistance from Cooper, looking forward to it. There’s nothing Cooper can do to stop him, and Ryan would enjoy taking him apart.

Rein in Rayne? LOL. Not yet. She’s got the bit in her teeth.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and leave a comment!

S.B. said...

Veron: Rayne bugs you only a ‘little’? ha!

She’s not focused on her parents at all. She’s headstrong and very powerfully attracted to Ryan who is after all, one extremely hot sexy man. Being told she’s too young to feel that way is not an argument she would find persuasive. Sex and the fantasy that goes along with it makes even adults do stupid things.

Cooper isn’t taking it well. He’s furious but he doesn’t want to tear down his own house around him. The ultimatum was probably more a blow landed in the midst of an intense argument than something meant seriously. Ryan’s sudden appearance does change the dynamic.

Thanks so much for your continued support. It means a lot to both of us.

Mao said...

Seriously late to the party. Yikes. WTF is going to happen next? Is Beth saying what I think she's saying? Oh boy. This is definitely a "oh no she didn't" moment!

And Ryan, standing right there! Witness to it all! This is a regular soap opera, complete with the evil cliffhangers. :O

Rayne's reaction to being called a child amused me, even if she generally makes me want to poke out my eyes with sporks. Wyatt is being sensible for once -- I like this. Though, next to Rayne ANYONE would seem sensible.

Great job you two!

S.B. said...

Hey Mao! Gorgeous gorgeous shot on your website and congrats again!

Reserve more sporks. You will need them.

Wyatt is growing up. Nothing like seeing yourself in your little sister to make a guy rethink things.

We're seriously enjoying the OMFG last moment cliff hanger thing.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and leave a note!

Unknown said...

Hey, I'm all caught up, I'm so proud of myself. :)

Wonderful job guys! I've said that before, but usually not here. :) I absolutely love the way you take your shots and pose your sims, it's so perfect with the story going on around them. And the world they live in is so beautiful. Too, bad it's just the surrounding landscape and not their personal world. :/

Poor Coop, I always feel so dang sorry for him.

Rayne's going to have to grow up sooner or later, and boy is she going to be appalled by the way she acts (or at least I hope that's the case).

Oh, lastly, wonderful job with the Probe! That is just so perfectly done and handled within the context of the pictures. It really looks like it belongs there.

S.B. said...

Lachesis - thank you. I'm struggling with the shots for the next piece and going through my normal hysterical meltdown (agghhh it's impossible etc etc), so it is wonderful to know you appreciate it!

Cooper has a way of coming out on top.

Rayne has a long way to go yet.

Gayl's work is simply incredible, no matter what she tries.

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through everything and leave a comment!

thewynd said...

I want to say thanks to everyone who has commented not only on this piece but on all our work. It is nice to know that people are interested and engaged after all this time.

And for those who continue to read with or without commenting, thank you.

Colliegirl said...

Thank goodness, Wyatt started to use some common sense. I'm glad it was him that found his sister hiding behind those pots and not Ryan, or worse yet, more tabloid reporters. Who knows what foolish thing Rainie might have done. Loony teenagers with their teenage crushes! Lol!

Is it possible that Cooper and Beth are working towards forgiving each other? And Ryan is down below watching them... Hmmm... I wonder what he is about to see.

By what Beth admitted, it sounds as though she is having difficulty adjusting to Cooper's popularity and busy lifestyle, even though she assured him in the beginning that it wouldn't be a problem for her. The reality of having to live with it, though, has turned out to be a different story. It is sad to see. I hate to see their marriage fall apart. Hopefully, they will find their way through this mess. It is a good sign that they are open with each other and are willing to talk about it. So, here's hoping!

I'm wondering now what Ryan's reaction is going to be. And Rafe hasn't expressed what he thinks about all this yet either! Nor the rest of the town for that matter. Tongues are sure to start wagging everywhere!

Coop and Beth might want to think about taking a long hideaway vacation! Lol!

S.B. said...

Thanks Colliegirl!

Wyatt is beginning to get a glimmer of who his sister really is.

Cooper and Beth won't give up on each other easily. I think she could have continued to deal with his lifestyle; she was dealing with it. She isn't asking Cooper to quit or even to slow down. She would have buried what happened with Ryan and gone on. That's no longer an option. And as long as THAT is out in the open, it's not completely out of line to tell Coop that some of what he does is going too far.

Rafe is conflicted. He never liked Cooper, doesn't have much sympathy for him, thinks he treats his wife with disrespect. Rafe feels used, and that more than anything is why he's angry.

again, thank you so much for reading and commenting!