Friday, May 29, 2009

Sessions 6

The Crossing

“R & R sounds like a good name to me.” It was StageTown. Rayne knew where she was. Every club, every alley.

Miranda Lombardo, lRandi of the first of those 'R's'  walked beside her and pointed out, “It’s karaoke here. You don’t get to announce the name of your ‘band’, and we’re not a real band.”

"We practice, we sing and play in public, people are entertained. We need a name but we're a band even without one."

“Did you have any trouble sneaking out?” Randi asked.

Yesterday her dad brought home something from the photoshoot, something he kept hidden in a box. When he showed it to her mom she'd snickered and so did he.  Except to cook they'd been upstairs or down in the grotto ever since then and sometimes they were noisy.

Whatever.  “Not this time.”

Randi stopped her before they walked through the door. “Are you sure you’re ok? You’re acting a little weird tonight. It’s going to be fun.”

“I’m good. I just wish we could get a couple of my dad’s guitars and do this for real instead of using a stupid karaoke machine.”

Randi shook her head sighed and went on in. "Let's just do it."

“This is going to be good,” Rainie whispered. “Are you ready?”

“I’ve been ready. Let’s go.”

Randi and Rainie picked up the mics and started into it, the music heavy, pounding, their voices swinging hard into the melody.

Gotta love destruction
Gotta feel annihilation tonight

Out of the corner of her eye, Rainie noticed someone leaving. Was that Ryan? She shrugged it off and kept on singing.

A few more people walked in, and they didn’t leave. Rayne smiled; she knew they were good.

Laughing and singing at the same time, what was the point if you didn't have fun, Randi screamed out the lyrics.



I'm flying on fire! Rayne howled, directing a brilliant smile toward a man who had been watching her. Who was that guy? He kind of looked like – she pulled herself back into the moment and the music, working it hard.



Going for the finale, Randi punched it, Rayne driving her on, deliberately showboating but she didn't care - the fun was the whole point of the thing.

The little crowd moved in as soon as they stopped, Randi greeting a couple of them, while Rayne took a long careful look at a man standing over to the side. Kestral, Jason’s girlfriend, had been hanging close to him, and they looked a lot alike. The man though, he looked eerily like someone else, at least he did under the colored lights. The dark hair and skin and those pale eyes, the memory lit up again, the way it always did, distant lightning in her mind. And he had been staring at her. She shook herself and started slowly toward him.

“Hi,” he said, taking her hand, but the handshake was brief. “You’re Cooper Stanfield’s daughter Rayne right? That was a great performance! I'm Colin Westover; Miranda’s my cousin.”

Randi had ever even mentioned him but there were a lot of people in the Lombardo family. Up close he didn’t look so much like what she thought he would look like. It wasn’t exactly the same.

Breathless and laughing, Randi followed Rayne who had abruptly turned away from the group and headed toward the door. “We have a little time,” she called after her. “We don’t need to run.”

Traffic had slowed on the street – a sign that it was later than either of them had expected. Rayne took a deep breath of the cool air, trying to shake off that feeling, certain Ryan had been there, and that feeling when she'd met Colin, like she knew him. She glanced through an open door at the racks of music and gossip magazines and hesitated. She wanted the distraction. “I’m going to look for something about my brother. Crux is getting a lot of attention and it’ll only take a minute. Then we can go.”

Randi shoved through the door and gave the stand a cursory glance. “I don’t see anything new,” Randi told her, searching the rack. “Wyatt isn’t on any covers. So are we done here?”

“It might be inside and not on the cover.” Rayne looked at the stack. “I’m going to check them again.”

Randi looked away from the stacks and rounded on her. “Check them again? Ok I didn’t look at that stack but come on! We have to get out of here! My dad’s going to kill me – I have to go home!”

Rayne didn’t see anything about Wyatt, nothing obvious, and she put Randi on ignore – her dad wouldn’t really get that beside himself. But among the stacks of tabloids and teen mags, there was Probe. Rayne stared at the cover. Heat flashed through her body. Was that real? It looked real. That was the beach house. It was real. It has to be real.

That was her mother and the man she thought she'd seen in the back of the bar.  Her mother's bodyguard. Ryan McDermott.  On the beach in Ocean View.  Behind their house.  Alone. Naked.



~Drew said...

Ok, I have to pick my chins off the keyboard and the floor.

I will start at the beginning, lush, gorgeous shots of Chinatown. Isn't that where Gabe was staying? Anyway, That first overhead/crane shot, stunning.

And Ryan, Oh my, he high-tailed it out there damned quick, physical reaction? Oh does he ever still have it bad. Projection city here. Still carries the torch for Beth.

Great, great shots of their performance.

And that is Gabe's son, Am I right? from Amanda maybe? *hoping*

And did Wyatt rename his group Crux or did I miss something.
And oh the cliffhanger. Not shots of Cadence and Wyatt! Or perhaps Wyatt and another chick! Or both!
LOL at the mag cover name "Probe".

Just a great update mate, I LOVED this!

S.B. said...

No no! Colin is from Rafe's side of the family, he's Rafe's cousin, no relation to Gabe at all. Family resemblance but that's it. Just a hint of Gabe.

Yeah that's where Gabe was staying. Chinatown.

Wyatt and Cadence...hehe...maybe not. maybe much higher octane.

Thank you so much Drew!

S.B. said...

Forgot to add that Wyatt's band has always been called Crux.

Gayl, help me out here. But I don't think it was ever any other name.

thewynd said...

LOL! Yes, Wyatt's band was always Crux. Storm Warning is Tyler, Shaun and Stevie. Of course everyone knows Mercury Rising...

That lot is fabulous. You can get some stunning shots between the lighting and the decor. Like that one shot of Ryan that I got...yeah very nice lot.

~Drew said...

See how desperate I am to have any semblance of Gabe reemerge here? Quite pathetic really, LOL! And I think you are right about Wyatt's band, I do not know what I was thinking.

S.B. said...

Gayl the shots you got were much better than what I managed to get in that lot. And thank you for giving me the lot.

Drew...Gabe may still have a place here. He remains a large presence.

cheripye said...

Ok I am always breathless after reading your updates!!!

Rayne is a piece of work, I love her though she knows what she wants and wont stop until she gets it. 80)

Loved that line, it makes her so real "he wouldnt walk out on me" LOL! The spark of interest with Colin, the faint disappointment, lol! Still thinking of her prince. 80)

WHAT are you doing to me!!! LOL! now I am dying to know just what she saw on that cover and why do I get the feeling with a name like probe it was a Tabloid... Perhaps the tabs are trying to say that Coop is cheating or is it Wyatt and who is he with? LOL!

Stunning screens magnificent writing I am thoroughly stuck to the edge of my seat. 80)

cheripye said...

I forgot to say Randi is adorable, very pretty!

thewynd said...

I finally got a chance to read through this piece properly now that you posted and it is perfect, perfect!! The lead-in, R&R's relationship and how they compliment each other...wonderful job. I still can't get over the shots...dramatic angles and breathtaking colors.

Yeah that can of worms is about to spill over isn't it?

S.B. said...

Cherie, yeah Rayne is a piece of work. And she'll go for whatever she wants balls to to the wall except she doesn't have any...borrowing them from her father.

Isn't Randi beautiful! And a whole lot more centered than her BFF.

Kind of doubt anything about Wyatt would bother Rainie. Her brother's deal is his deal - she doesn't care.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting! This is not great art...waiting for it and it's going to come but not from me but I do so appreciate your support.

Mao said...

You really need to give yourself more credit, Beth! This was a great re-entry, glad to see you're both back in action. :D

Rayne is really turning out to be quite the brat, LOL. Not that I'm too surprised, but wow. Loved where Randi mused about her never being happy with anything. Seems she has a bit of sibling rivalry with Wyatt. Sheesh!

Good thing Ryan left. He hasn't been making the best of decisions lately... and she's young and NOT her mother. For sure.

Really curious to see what Gayl will have coming next! And that was an evil place to end it!

You made the in-game karaoke shots work! Those lights were great.

S.B. said...

Mao...who me? I'm trying....

Rayne is a brat with a mission. You nailed that. But she's got it down about her brother. The music industry is driven by women wanting to get it on with the rockers. No tour bus with groupies for a female band. My own personal rant but there it is.

Ryan...yeah. He's not in control either.

Thank you so much for your support. I'm just staggered that you stuck with this so long.

Impome said...

Wow, this' amazing! There is so much energy in the shots...makes it feel like a real concert. I can't wait for the next installment, but I'm really worried by Ryan's reaction. Are we talking about cradle robber, here?

thewynd said...

Hey Xhyleh I'm going to jump in here for SB. Ryan is struggling with the memory of something he can't have that he was abruptly reminded of when he saw Rayne. Definitely not a cradle robber.

I know how hard it is to get good concert shots and what SB posted are fantastic from the action to the lighting.

Thanks so much for reading!

S.B. said...

Xhyleh... thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment! Means a lot to me - thank you!

The singing shots were absolutely inspired and frankly copied from Gayl's astonishing work.

Ryan is a gentleman. He is not the only one in the equation and might not be the one with the most power. Depending on how you do the math.

thank yoy again!

Phoenix said...

Rayne is a trip. She has so much but she wants MORE! She's still a kid so don't we all though? LOL!!

Wow Beth! These shots were amazing!! Stunning! Seriously! I don't know why you don't take more credit! You're so very talented!

Ryan still annoys me! Ugh! Move on already dude! I get that you're in "love" with Beth but she's happy where she's at. Find YOUR happiness! *shakes Ryan!*

And now what did Rayne see? The suspense is killing me! I scrolled down and was like NO!!! The end? Haha!

This was awesome!

Colliegirl said...

That was an amazing update! The lively, colorful shots, the excitement of the two girls sneaking out to have a short night on the town, Ryan fleeing the place like a guilty fool, and the mystery of what was on the cover of that magazine! I'm very curious to find out who or what she saw? What was it about? Her dad...? Wyatt...? possibly Gabe? Please, tell us soon!

Rainie seems to be a very driven young lady. She's obviously looking for something... or I should say, some one. She doesn't seem to remember what happened to her as a child. Is it possible that she blocked it from her memory, or that she was just too young? Her attraction and recognition of Colin's features were a certain indication that she recalls something. Apparently, he wasn't good enough to fulfill this secret desire of hers. She's definitely looking, even if she isn't consciously aware of it. I wonder if she has dreams about the guy at night?

Anonymous said...

Beth, that was awesome! Colorful and your angles rock! Oh, and that lot shot of chinatown, sooo great.

I really like Rayne, and I'm glad when she gets the staring role, but of course you make it into a cliffhanger. What did she seeeeee?! Or rather, who?!

But she's a spitfire, that girl. I mean the drive she has.

Aaaaannnnddddd, Ryan needs to drop that damn torch for Beth. Or at least not make is so obvious that he's still carrying it.


S.B. said...

Thanks everyone. the speculation about "what she saw" if kind of fun - must confess I never thought of Wyatt as having any kind of shock value for his sister. Seeing him romping around naked on the cover of a magazine might gross her out but it wouldn't shock her LOL.

Phoenix: thanks in particular for the compliment on the shots. Ryan doesn't get attached easily and doesn't give up easily either. More to come on him.

Colliegirl: Rainie is completely driven and she's not logical about it at all. Hunting a 'dream' she doesn't clearly remember and which she'll never catch. The dissatisfaction spreads into every aspect of her life. Just that one drop of poison...

Veron: LMAO yeah maybe Ryan does, but he's probably not all the obvious about it. Not right now. and yeah, Rainie is a spitfire although not an entirely admirable one. Very willful and not very happy with her life.

Again, thank you all so much for reading and taking the time to leave comments. I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Rainie just wants what she wants and no one should dare get in her way. At least Randi has a bit more of a head on her shoulders. And Ryan, what is wrong with you, hello, time to move on and quit trying to see hints of Beth in her daughter. That's just creepy man. And the magazine cover is such a cliffhanger, very cruel indeed, I can't wait to see who it turns out to be...

S.B. said...

goodbye_sun: thank you! awww poor Ryan! Rainie certainly does everything she can to encourage the comparison to her mother - well as far as her looks are concerned. Nobody better dare stand in her way is right, or do something she happens to dislike.

Randi is cooler headed. That's Eden's granddaughter we're talking about (ducking...), but it is.

thanks again so much for continuing to read and comment.

HarperP said...

Stunning always.

What a cliff hanger! Who is on the cover of that magazine!!! Its killing me!! Can't wait for the next update!!!!

S.B. said...

Thank you HarperP! Really appreciate the compliment and the comment!

The reveal on the cover is going to be a little indirect...

Emily said...

One word here: f-u-n! This was awesome S.B., took me right back to high school, I had a friend that reminds me of Rayne! :D

The karaoke shots were spectacular and beautiful, love the lighting!

Randi is so cute!

Oh no, please tell me she's not still waiting on the prince! Colin would probably be 150% better for her anyway if that's what she wants!

Ack! That magazine cover! I am hoping, keeping fingers crossed that it does not involve my least favorite red head and one of my favorite, tan, leading ladies. Ack! Cannot wait!

S.B. said...

Hey Emily - LOL I can't reveal everything that's on the magazine cover. Working on that now...

I don't think Rayne really knows what she wants. She's searching, kind of besotted with a dream figure. Anyone who seems to fit, she'll probably try on for size.

Randi is just great!

Glad you enjoyed!

S@n said...

Love all the karaoke pics! they are fantastic and they do show all the fun the girls are having!!!

YAY I'm so happy to see Colin back, lol ok it is too soon to speak, but hopefully he can bring some more "reasoning and peace" to Raynie she really is a piece of work...

And Ryan, what the heck was that? yikes... he got all excited with Rayne, he saw her growing, and all that stuff... and now he is comparing her to Beth? yikes that is just disgusting, Ryan needs to get a life and quickly!!!
Ryan, get over it and move on, the Cooper's girls are not for you!!!

Wonderful update!!!

S.B. said...

Hi S@ndy!

Poor Ryan LMAO!! Now now...Rainie is certainly showing off what's she's got and she's doing it deliberately. It would be hard NOT to notice LOL. He's definitely not interested in her though, she just reminded him of her mother.

I doubt Colin will have much impact on Rainie. She's got an ideal in mind and he doesn't fit it.

thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment, S@ndy. Very much appreciated!