Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sessions 5 - Where Are You Going

Greenvale Cemetery - Saturday Afternoon

Rayne hung back as much as she could from the funeral, the memory of last night’s viewing still unpleasantly fresh in her mind. It was a bright day. Early summer in full bloom. A family of ducks paddled around in a little pond just on the other side of the grave site.

“You’re thinking about a trust fund?” Slim’s voice, deep and gruff, behind the shrubbery.

She took a small careful step forward. Her father stood next to him, looking tired. “I think we’re looking at more than that. If he doesn’t come up with something on his own, I’m going to need to throw something out there now. Look into it for me when you get the chance. Beth will be over there playing rescue Ryan if I don’t.”

“Still having problems?”

Cooper moved out from the shadow of the tree, shrugged his shoulders. “We were getting past it. This might open everything up again. Let’s go, they’re waiting for us.”

He saw his daughter watching them, hesitated, eyes narrowing. Rayne looked down at her shoes and then at the ducks, folding her thoughts away behind an impassive mouth. “You’d better stay with me, Rayne. We’ll be leaving in a few minutes.”

She followed him toward the group of people gathered around the grave and a heap of flowers. People had begun to leave. Tyler was gone. Shaun and Stevie left. Heydon hung around briefly then slipped away. Daniel had been watching Peri, but he eventually left too. Her mother waited next to a stone cross and looked out across the cemetery with a set, sad face. If she’d cried, Rayne had not noticed it. She was watching Ryan.

Rayne glanced at Ryan and then quickly looked away again. It hurt to see him like this. Ryan was always the one in control who took care of everybody. Fired and dumped – yeah, she knew what had gone down in that park, what had been going on – and now Landry died. Just throw money at it; that would fix it all. She swallowed a mix of anger and unease, clenched her hands and kept quiet.

Her mother said something to her father and then walked through the wrought iron entrance into the grave plot, wobbling a bit as she tried to avoid the flowers. Ryan stood up, looked at her for a long, silent minute, then the two of them held onto each other.

“You know I’m here for you."

 Ryan tightened his grip around her shoulders, her waist. “I know. I never doubted you.”

He didn't? He should have. Rayne abruptly pushed right past her mother, bumping her as they passed one another, and walked over the flowers, making no effort to avoid stepping on them, and up to Ryan. “Thank you,” she told him. “I won’t forget you.”

“It’ll be all right,” he started to reassure her. Rayne reached out for him, took his arm and then slid her hand down to clasp his. The biceps under the black cloth of the suit were powerful, hard. His skin under her fingertips warm. He looked down directly into her eyes. Shock, electricity, strong enough to rock her on her feet.

She remembered someone like this. The memory flickered, caught fire and flared, hot and dark. “Yes. Yes it will.”

South Metro Area – Adams Square, Saturday near midnight

It had been months since Camilla had come to this part of the city. Irritated, she stood in front of a storefront window, glaring at the shoe store which now sold lamps when her cell rang.

A little surprised, it was late, Camilla checked the caller ID twice before cautiously answering, “Heydon? Yeah sure that would be great but I’m not home.”

“Right now I’m at Adams Square…I guess I can hang around, no it’s fine. If you don’t see me, call me when you get here.”

She snapped the cell shut and stood there on the corner of the street, rethinking her plans for the evening. That was kind of strange to hear from Heydon. They’d run into each other a couple of times recently but wasn’t today the funeral for that girl who worked in the office?

Camilla decided on the place near the top of the Belkin Building and headed up the stairs, smiling a little. Be careful now, she cautioned herself. You’re starting to get a buzz when you hear from this guy.

The place was empty except for one girl sitting at the bar. Camilla looked at her, couldn’t believe it, stepped to one side and looked again. That was Cooper Stanfield’s girl. Child. Daughter. What was her name? Cam reached for it. Stormy no that wasn’t it. Rain. The girl with the weather name flashed an ID at the bartender and ordered a drink. Camilla was impressed. Not so much for the ID since any child of Coop’s should be able to fake an ID but the choice of drink. Not an apple martini or a beer. Tequila Fuego shooter.

Cam slid on the barstool next to her, waited for the girl to say something. When she didn’t, probably hoping Camilla didn't recognize her, she said, “Kind of a bad day for you wasn’t it?”

Rayne propped elbows on the bar, still not looking directly at her. “Are you going to rat on me?”

How ridiculous, she could just imagine, no she really couldn't. Camilla laughed, “It would be the first time I’ve ever done THAT so I don’t think I’ll start with you. But I am sorry about the thing that happened with Ryan’s girlfriend. I didn’t really know her but still I’m sorry.”

The girl tossed cash on the bar and stood up. “She wasn’t his girlfriend. They broke up. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. Not even,” she added after a brief pause, golden eyes cool, “a married girlfriend.”

Fascinated, Camilla followed her, stood in her way, rummaging fast for something to say to get a little more out of her. She knew it, knew that was what was going on. Girlfriend though...as if that woman would jump that far for Ryan but the girl believed it. “If you're talking about who I think you're talking about...darling I think that was probably one-sided and more like on his side than her side. So I wouldn't worry about it.”

“Whatever,” Rayne told her, crossing her arms and looking both uncomfortable and annoyed. “He’ll find somebody else. He’s like a prince.”

Oh god…a prince? Cam eased down onto the sofa, crossed her legs, swung her foot in the sandal with the loose strap she was not going to be able to replace tonight, and studied the girl with even more amusement.

“Ryan,” she finally managed, “is very hot but Rayne he’s a bodyguard sort of guy not somebody you need to think about and I don’t think “prince” exactly describes him. How did you get here anyway and do you need a ride home?”

She didn’t take that well. “If he’s a prince, I’ll know it. And I don’t need a ride home. I’m not a child. Goodnight Camilla.”

Camilla shifted to the window and looked out on the square, watching Rayne go somewhere. And there was Heydon. It hadn’t taken him long at all but maybe he’d been close by when he’d called. The two of them saw each other but the girl swept by without apparently saying more than maybe hi.

How extremely peculiar and odd and strange….but not worth thinking about anymore. The girl probably had a crush on the man. Camilla put the whole weird thing out of her head and started for the door.

She could still see Rayne at the far end of the block but she was moving fast. “Were you out drinking with Rayne?” Heydon asked her, his voice soft, teasing. The neon signs lit up his eyes, and he was smiling. It felt good, it felt incredibly good to know he was standing there and he was glad to be there. With her. Camilla never hesitated. “You mean Coop’s kid? I didn’t even know she was here.”


NEXT CHAPTER: Rising Above Chapter 8


Phoenix said...

It's nice that Coop is setting up a trust fund but is he doing it for the right reasons? I guess it doesn't matter as long as the baby is taken care of huh?

I like that shot at the grave site. In the background you can see Coop giving Beth a confused look. Interesting. And I like how you brought the memory of Gabe to Rayne's mind. Rayne looks so much like Beth!

Can I just say I LOVE Cam?! Like seriously! She might not be the nicest person but she sure is cool!

Aww at her and Heydon! He looks so happy to see her! I can't wait to see where that goes!

Shots were fabulous and your was wonderful. I love this blog. I really do.!

S.B. said...

Phoenix, thank you from both of us!

Cooper didn't have to do anything for Landry's baby; generous and thoughtful. Doing more than a trust fund -- that would only be accessible by the baby when he grows up -- would be a lot more than generous.

I really love Camilla too. She's not a bit sweet but she is definitely cool.

Thank you again!

cheripye said...

Wonderful interactions between all the characters, great tie in with the prince and memories. 80) I truly feel for Ryan and for Beth and Coop too. I hope they can get past this safely and unharmed.

I love Cam and Heydon's friendship, how she calmed herself... who wouldnt get a buzz of any of the guys in the band. 80)

Gorgeous pictures and Beautiful writing!

S.B. said...

Cherie, thank you. I had problems with the DT lot crashing constantly. Too many lights maybe.

I think Rainie has her own ideas about Ryan's future.

Camilla is capable of managing Heydon LOL. He's probably the one with the larger task.

Thanks for the compliments.

Anonymous said...

Aw... I feel so bad for Ryan. I loved the emotional charge in that scene. I still can't believe Landry died.

What the crap is about to go down between Camilla and Heydon? I mean, I'm so ready to see where that goes, but I can't help but think bad news bears. Camilla is freaking gorgeous by the way. Even if she is a bit brash.

Speaking of brash, Rayne is getting a little too big for her britches. I mean, she is a teen, and they tend to be thoughtless, but I'm not liking how she's acting, especially now.

Awesome as usual.

S.B. said...

hehe Veron...Rayne certainly isn't behaving herself, is she? I expect it will get worse.

Not sure exactly how it's going to end up with Camilla and Heydon. That's a combustible combo. Well she's flammable under any circumstances. Interesting that you think she's gorgeous. Sometimes I think she's downright plain. Makeup is a wonderful thing.

Ryan. I feel bad for him too. He's the one who is really in a downward spiral.

thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. It means a great deal to me -- I'm so flattered!

Mao said...

Oh, no. What I said about Rayne's idealization of Gabe is coming back with teeth. That girl needs a leash. I'm almost afraid she'll become the stereotypical 'rich girl' with a famous daddy.

And wow! She's grown! And that means Beth and Cooper are like, old now, LOL. Well, not OLD, you know, but... middle aged? At least. Geeze! Time flies. And they're still having problems, and Ryan is still lodged in the midst of it.

I hope Rayne isn't hoping to start hitting on Ryan, that would be totally messed up, LOL.

I wish my connection didn't hate .pngs. I could only get the pictures to half load--but what I saw was fantastic!

S.B. said...

Mao, you're not the only one with problems with pngs. I'm going to try to start saving them in a different format before I post them. Pain in the butt is all.

Yeah Rayne had a magical childhood or she's a medical miracle or something. I got bored with dealing with kids and wanted a teenager, so kazaam! I'm just going to ignore the fact that it's impossible LOL.

I'm pretty sure where I'm going with this thread. The rest of them - no. Yes, what you said about idealizing Gabe is coming back with a vengeance.

Thank you!

S@n said...

Last time I saw Raine she was all tiny and little and now she is all grown up, gorgeous and asking for a tequila shot!!!!
They sure grow up fast!
I agree with Mao... looks like she needs a leash!

Is it my imagination or Raine is angry with her mother?
and for the looks she is angry with daddy too!!!
Looks like she needs to sit down and have a conversation with both of them... drinking wont solve the problems... and it might just become a habit! :D she is too young to go that way, I just worry so much, maybe she was just having fun :D lol

Wonderful writing like always and lovely pictures!!!!
they do take forever to load, but when I'm done reading, I always take a second look at them!!! :D
I love all your decor!!!!
the sets are amazing!
it must take days to build one of those lots...
Wonderful job SB!!!

S.B. said...

Thank you so much Sandy.

Yeah I cheated big time with Rainie's age. Just did it. *ducking under the desk* LOL! And I do need to stop posting the shots in png format.

Ryan was there for her when she was growing up. Her father not so much, but she's not really angry with Cooper as much as she is with her mother.

I think she's going to be able to handle the tequila shots. Good luck leashing that one though.

I like piddling around with the sets. It does take time, a lot of time, but yours are beautiful too, so you know what goes into the process.

Thank you so much!

S.B. said...

I have to add another comment.

It has been a privilege and an honor to work with Gayl. Never, never easy to follow her astounding and incredible work.

Also I hate poses. So damned hard to do!

thewynd said...

You are making me blush...but thank you. You know I enjoy every bit of it and feel the same way so right back at you!

Anonymous said...

I know it is a lovely gesture, but I wonder if Ryan will see the trust fund as Cooper trying to kill three birds with one stone (helping Ryan, feeling less guilty about firing Ryan and keeping Beth away from Ryan as much as he can).

Someone is getting too big for their boots and its not Camilla this time. Rayne is going to have to reel that in a bit.

Its nice to see Cam and Heydon taking whatever this is kind of slow, I think they both need to know what they are getting in for first, or at least Heydon does, since she is not one to tolerate too much stupidity.

S.B. said...

goodbye-sun, thank you.

Ryan will certainly know what's going on with Cooper's gesture. Take the money and go away.

Rayne is motivated. Going to try on a pair of boots much too large for her.

Camilla and Heydon. I'm glad you see the issue there. No she never tolerates stupidity and she has her own priorities. But Heydon does like her, sincerely likes her, and she is not accustomed to that.

thank you.

Emily said...

I am still so dumb founded over Landry that I cannot form a proper comment. The first sequence stole the words from me...seriously, I can't say anything but, wow. Gorgeous, stunning shots and extremely saddening and heartbreaking.

The downtown area blew me away again, I just can't think of anything good enough to say! Awesome...not even close!
And I adore Rainie's hair, where did you find that?

This was just so good, I am still in awe.

S.B. said...

where did I get the hair? I don't know. But I'll try to find out.

thank you Emily. Landry's death has certainly had a huge impact.

and that downtown area kicked my ass but I love working with urban sets. So I kept trying to make it work.

~Drew said...

Some days I have problems getting pngs to load as well, somedays they do, guess it depends on the internet connection. Bummer. But I did manage to make out most of the shots and they were lovely! Love the outfit Cooper wore to the gravesite. As for him setting up the trust fund, it sounded to me as he did it more to keep Beth away from Ryan, though I am sure he did it with generous intentions as well.

It was a bit shocking to see Rayne grown, but hey, why not? LOL!
Love the tie in with the prince, I am rubbing my hands together, waiting, however, Rayne felt a surge of electricity when she touched Ryan, but then, who wouldn't?
Cammie continues to interest me, I like her spunk, "The storm girl" LOL! Love to see where you go with her and Heydon, if anywhere.
Great update as always!

S.B. said...

Drew, thank you. I won't be posting with pngs anymore!

Sorry about making the child grow up so fast. In hindsight, I guess it was a mistake, and I take total responsibility. Too late now to fix it!

Thank you so much!

AtomicSpaceKitty said...

I'm all caught up again. Sometimes I like to read stories in big chunks. haha

Phew! A lot has happened though. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. I was surprised when Lan died--poor girl. I hope having the baby to care for will help Ryan mature some. I am a bit worried that Beth will find herself back with him though. I'm actually impressed with Coop's emotional control through this whole little affair.

I've really come to like Cam as well. I'm not sure if she'd be a great friend since she's so conniving, but she's really interesting and no-nonsense.

S.B. said...

ASK - thank you so much for reading all this PHEW is right! LOL!

I doubt Cooper will put up with much more. He has been remarkably laid back for the most part.

Cam is a lot of fun. You're right, not sure I'd want her for a close friend either though!

Again, thank you so much for reading and commenting. It means a great deal!

Colliegirl said...

I'm rather glad that Rainie is looking grown up now. I've been wondering what trouble she might stir up or get into once she came of age. LOL! Guess, we're all about to find out!

That bit about the prince, the electric shock and her little memory flashback sounded very intriguing!

She does seem to be harboring some anger toward her mother and the way the situation with Ryan was handled... definitely some unresolved issues there. I hope they are all able to work things out between them... or get over it and move on.

Great pictures. I loved the city night scenes. And I must agree, Camilla does not look plain at all; she looks gorgeous in this set. That hairstyle suits her very well.

A great read! I can't wait to hear more! : )

S.B. said...

Thank you Tammy.

Not sure when or if Rainie is going to appear again. She definitely didn't like the way she believed Ryan was treated.

Camilla may show up somewhere in future chapters. But I really appreciate the support. Thank you so much!