Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sessions Chapter 45 - Itsy Bitsy Spider

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
And the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again

South Beach: Brick Garden Park - 4 PM

Rafe once said if you wanted insight into the lives of the rich and famous, watch the mothers with their children at Brick Garden Park. One block off the bay and stacked with attractions to keep the kids busy, it offered enough privacy for adults to keep watch while they enjoyed more grown up distractions including a coffee shop and a discrete bar. Beth sat with a woman whom Gayl didn't recognize. They were both subdued, talking quietly while glancing over at the children in the near distance behind them.

Meeting Bonni Savage at the park, Gayl stuck it out through a chilly light rain, letting the kids run around in wet leaves, both of them sipping lattes and sheltering near the bar to avoid the wind. Camilla had dropped off Jay, breezily 'asked' them to watch him while she shopped, then blew back in and strolled up and aimed her gaze across the pond toward Beth. "Do you believe she's out here running around like that have you seen Coop because he looks terrible and I think she's had work done. Do you think she's had work done?"

With Camilla it was hard to know if she actually expected a response, not that it was possible to get a word in. The World According to Camilla - long since having learned it was pointless to debate her, Gayl bit back a caustic response in defense of her friend. Bonni folded her arms in disapproval, "If anyone could tell, I'm sure it's you."

Oblivious to the remark Cammie turned and flashed a knowing smile at her. "You're right absolutely I could tell and if she went to someone good it would be hard to do since she's young.  Relatively."

By this time Beth had risen and moved toward the north end of the park and up onto the bridge. Blade Ferguson had shown up; they chatted briefly, friendly and light with a brief hug and it was good to see her relaxed and smiling. The exchange had not gone past Camilla's notice either.

Cammie brushed back black hair and studied the woman on the other side of the bridge. "How old is she anyway? I know his ex the last one and her body is really tight I can't imagine why he would go after that woman. All those kids too, her body has to look like hell under those clothes."

That did it. Gayl stepped toward her. "Camilla -"

Before she finished the thought Cam turned, stopped and looked back, changing the course of her path and the conversation, Cheshire cat smile on her face as she looked at them.

"I've got to be somewhere and Jay's had enough don't you think he looks like Gabe but you have to look at Jay sideways to see it. Bye and Bonni love those shoes and yours too Gayl they are so sweet!"

Bonni and Gayl stood there momentarily stunned as Hurricane Camilla moved on leaving nothing in her wake but the sound of her boots echoing against the iron stairs.


It took a great deal to leave Bonni speechless.

Gayl stood watching as Camilla called out to Jay, her voice carrying, turning heads in her direction, gathering attention as she catwalked down the bricks, never putting one stiletto heel wrong. There were no bricks under her feet. It was Camilla's sidewalk, Camilla's stage, Camilla's universe.

"I know. Unfortunately, sometimes I think that's who she is."

"Hi, I'm Autumn. What's your name?"

The boy had been playing with them for a while before Autumn decided to stop and find out who he was. He looked kind of shy, but he smiled and said, "Riley."

"This is my friend Hugs." Hugs hung back a little and didn't say anything because she usually didn't say anything when she met somebody new, like she was scared of them or something.

Riley smiled again and looked like he wasn't sure what to say next.  When he did, he said something goofy. He said, "That's a funny name."

Shoving in where he wasn't wanted like he always did, Jay got in the middle and declared, "And you got a funny face, what's that all over your face?"

Hugs looked down at the sidewalk and sideways before she said anything. "That's rude," she said quietly, maybe to Jay or Riley or both of them but probably it was Jay. "And that's not my real name. I have a real name."


Jay glanced at Riley, looked back at Hugs, and then doubled over laughing like it was the biggest joke in the world. "Yeah, her real name is HugsandKisses!"


Now that was really rude. Garret dropped the football on the other side of the jungle gym and started up the sidewalk toward them, maybe because Jay was making so much noise.  Autumn didn't expect Hugs to do anything but stand there, but this time she got right up in Jay's face and pointed at him and yelled. "No it's not!"

It was kind of cold and kind of wet and they weren't going to be able to play out here much longer. Autumn had been watching her mother talking with Garrett's mom and Jay's mom and now she was coming in their direction. She didn't see Hugs' mom right now, but she'd probably hear the noise and come over too. Jay always messed up everything. "We don't want to play with a bunch of dumb boys. We're gonna play with that girl. And he's got freckles, Jay, in case you're so stupid you don't know that."

"Hey," Garrett said to the new boy, holding out his hand and pushing Jay aside. "My name's Garrett. You wanna play ball with me? Jay drops it all the time. Don't you, Jay?"

Jay didn't even look at him. He probably didn't care if Garrett said he dropped the ball. He never cared if anyone said he did something wrong. He just kept looking at them until Autumn grabbed Hugs by the hand, still glaring at her cousin, and said, "Don't look at him. He's being a stupid turd again, don't you look at him."

She did though. Hugs was her best friend but she didn't ever listen to her. She didn't listen now. She slid her hand away and she kept looking right back at Jay.  Leaves were blowing all around them now and her mom was calling and Autumn heard Jay's mom saying something in a loud voice to Hug's mother and Hug's mom was saying something back and she sounded mad, but Hugs and Jay just kept looking at each other like there was nobody else in the whole park or the whole world but just Hugs and Jay.




Muzegoddess said...

I love these kids, their very existence representative of the worlds that have collided throughout this story. So interesting how they socialize in the same ways that their parents do even though they are not fuctionally aware of that history. They are a fiesty little group; the seeds of playground love/hate already being planted.

Camilla is just so Camilla. Has Beth had any work done, as if she's so much younger. As if she's never had work done. Bonni looked like she was going to slap her silly. Some things never change. Very sweet and revealing piece.

S.B. said...

thank you Muzegoddess. We have both read so much recently about making it clear why people like or do not like each other, and decided, we're going to slow down and just show everything.

The kids are definitely socializing the same way their parents do. Jay is a brat (with a crush on Hugs). Hugs is wary. Riley is completely out of his level and doesn't know what to do.

And if she hasn't had those boobs done. And she is not one year younger.

thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart thank you.

thewynd said...

Muzegoddess that is so true. They are definitely a product of their environment, both good and bad. They are feisty, typical kids in an atypical environment. I can't wait to see what they go through as they get older.

Thank you so much!

Van said...

Awww, what an adorable post :)

Interesting to see the dynamics of all these kids. I wonder what they'll be like when they get a little older--in any case, I don't think there'll ever be a shortage of stories with this group. Hugs and Jay FTW! :D

I just hope Hugs doesn't have as tough a time as her sister :(

And is it just that outfit at that angle, or is Camilla pregnant again? :|

S.B. said...

OMFG Van screaming with laughter!!!

Guess Cam needs some more work herself since she's getting a tummy on her!

No, the woman is NOT pregnant.

Hugs and Jay have something going on there. However, over Camilla's dead body will Jay end up with Beth's daughter. Hugs is not nearly as confident or outgoing as her sister so whatever problems she has, they won't be the same problems.

Thank you!!!!

The Lunar Fox said...

omg these kids have such personalities. After this post, there are definitely names that are now stuck with some faces. Just by the way Jay acts, you know he's Camilla's.

Also, the interaction of the mothers was interesting to see. Rowr! Camilla certainly has some bite on her, lol. That woman is one hell of a character.

S.B. said...

Lunar, we are taking it slowly, and you are certainly an inspiration.

The kids do have unique personalities. Jay is definitely Camilla's son: sleek and confident and showing his own bite. Cammie herself is a major predator; I just adore her!

We were uncertain about doing this, so your support is incredibly appreciated. Thank you so much from both of us.

Qui. said...

They are SO cute! And funny! I love how each of them has their own personalities, Hugs being shy, the opposite of Rayne. Autumn and Garret the outgoing kids and Jay, the trouble making like his mother!

Speaking of, figures she wouldn't leave the situation along and go say something to Beth! I wonder what that angry exchange was about!

Great update! These pictures were so perfect! I could feel the cool damp air and even smell wet leaves!

S.B. said...


Hugs is not like Rayne, but Autumn is a lot like her father and he is definitely not shy. Garrett, like both his mother and father (can't see Slim backing down for anyone). Jay...yeah. He's pretty much smitten with Hugs though...

Camilla never leaves anything alone, and she hates Beth. If they passed on the sidewalk, Cam would take the opportunity to try to draw blood. And she probably could. Beth really isn't any match for Cammie.

Thank you again, and for the shots, I tried so hard on those. Thank you!

Valpre said...

Ah, Beth and Gayl, I loved this. You guys make me want to have kids of my own :)

It was great catching glimpses of the children's contrasting personalities.

And oh dear, Hugs and Jay, I sense an interesting development right there. Could the last line be seen as foreshadowing? I wonder! Either way, I can't wait for them to grow up so we can dive deeper into their stories.

It was also interesting to see the mothers and their own dynamics, strange to see some of the cattiness doesn't go away even in such a relaxing environment.

I'm glad you are slowly easing the kids into the main storyline, and putting up that introductory post on the kids on Sunburn sort of helped me put names to their faces.

Amazing shots as always.

S.B. said...

Thank you Val. As you know, we don't attempt the kind of incredible photoshoots you achieve, so your compliments mean a great deal to both of us.

Maybe since we've got such a long story line, we should start something new with these kids? I don't know. But either way, Hugs and Jay will have problems if and when...

We both appreciate your support and your kindness. Thank you!!

Rachel said...

I really love seeing these kids interact. You can already see some of the lines forming, and problems years down the road. Jay is so boisterous and spiteful--Camilla's child all over. I love the way Hugs is described--being shy and a little scared, but finding the guts to yell at the little jerk. And poor Riley, probably wondering what the hell he stepped into....

I could practically hear Camilla's voice in my head, running everything together and just talking without even caring to think....she really doesn't give a damn who she pisses off. So catty--and so realistic. Some women are sharks that way. It was good to see Gayl and Bonni. Love this!

S.B. said...

Rachel, thank you so much! Jay is definitely Camilla's son: no sense of social boundaries, none at all. Just blurt it all out and never mind if it hurts someone's feelings. If he intended to pick at Hugs because he likes her, it backfired. And yes, poor Riley, wandering into the zoo and unsure who would bite.

Camilla is a lot of fun to work with although she can be absolutely horrible. Mean and catty. And she doesn't behave like that because she has some deep seated inferiority complex. You're right: some women are like that.

Again, thank you so much from both of us!

J A Murphy said...

I loved this piece and the insight it gave into this new generation. They each have a bit of their parents in them, but with something unmistakably their own that will see them make different choices to their parents.

I hope we get to see more of them, as I find them fascinating - especially the interesting chemistry between Jay and Hugs; can't see that being popular with any of the parents involved!

Camilla is definitely some piece of work, geez. What's that saying about people in glass houses not throwing stones?

~Drew said...

It was great to see Cammie again, she was a bitchy breath of air. Her breezy, caustic remarks and fake compliments were entertaining.
I don't know, I think Cammie would be fun to share a latte with, sit in the bitch corner and snarl.

Blade stopped by? My, how causal is this? I know it seems friendly and relaxed, but is it?

And the kids, some interesting dynamics there.
I must make more of an effort to show the kids more in my thing, there are a lot of you that do it so well.

S.B. said...

Illandrya, we will definitely do more pieces with the kids. Jay and Hugs...anything between them would not make Camilla happy, that's certain, nor do I think Beth would like any connection to her. They've never liked each other. Neither Coop nor Heydon would probably mind though.

Camilla really doesn't care if someone throws stones back at her. She's one woman who has had some significant work done, just does not give a damn.

Thank you from both of us!!

S.B. said...

Hi Drew! It's good to have you back again!

Cammie would be entertaining as long as you realized you would probably be the next one she pulled apart. She's great fun to work with though! is friendly and it is relaxed and it is not all that casual..

Thanks about the kids. We're glad it didn't turn you off! I dreaded having to take shots with them but it didn't turn out to be so hard.

Laura said...

Those expressions are just perfect! Where on earth did you find such amazing snarls?! Hilarious though! Hurricane Camilla is right! I'd hate to ever be the topic of her conversation, lol!

But wow, I have to admit that think I'd be gossiping too! Beth and Blade, right there in sight of the kids!?!

Awww, the kids were hilarious and adorable! Riley is just a little sweetheart! And Hugs and Jay, lol! Will it be rivalry or romance? I can't wait to find out! :)

I was also wondering what their parents might think of some of these possible future friendships/romances. Hugs with Riley would be uncomfortable as well!

I loved this though! These quiet moments are just as important to the story as the loud and dramatic ones. Well done guys!

S.B. said...

Hi Laura!

The snarling expressions came from that box that gives you CAS animations. It was one of the 'disgruntled' ones LOL!

Beth never has used the best judgement; and since she's separated, she's going to hang out with whomever she feels like being with. Blade wants nothing more than to throw the relationship in Cooper's face so he'll flaunt it.

I really really enjoyed working with the kids. It was just a total pleasure. Hard to tell where it will go with Jay and Hugs: his teasing isn't going over well. Any relationship with Riley would really blow things up though! Have to admit I'd love to see that..

So glad it worked. Not every piece can be explosive, nor should it be. The way you manage your storyline and your characters made me think I wanted to try. Thank you so much from both of us!!

Phoenix said...

*squee* Kiddie posts!!! I ♥ kiddie posts!!!

These kids are a trip but it's so important to see how the lines are divided already between them. Sad really!:(

And OMG!! Cam!! LOL!!! I was just grinning the entire time she was talking! She says what's on her mind and that's that! Gotta love the balls on that woman!

S.B. said...

It's always so much fun to work with Cam! Slap on your makeup and put on your heels and hold on!

We want to do more with the kids. They are already showing some startling preferences, plus I just love playing around with them. They are all adorable.

Thank you Phoenix!

S@n said...

LOL at the ladies talking about Beth! LOL reminded me of a realityshow... lol

and the kids! it was nice see in them, it is amazing how much they resemble their parents..

Great chapter!

S.B. said...

Hey, S@n! Yeah, it does kind of sound like a particularly bitchy reality show LOL!

Gayl and I decided we're going to take our time and bring the younger kids into the story line. It won't always be dramatic, but leaving them leaves holes.

Thank you!