Monday, July 12, 2010

Sessions Chapter 25 - Eruption

South Beach Crossing: Hitman Studio 4:19PM
Wyatt slid the red Beetle into the parking lot and walked slowly toward the front entrance to Hitman Studio. Before he reached the door a deep voice called out. "You still drive that little thing?" Wyatt turned in the direction of the voice and grinned. Slim had been like a father to him during the years that his father had been missing. They remained close even after Cooper's return even though they had not seen as much of each other as they used to. With Wyatt at the university it wasn't always easy to make the trip to the metro area. Today however, Wyatt insisted on finding the time; he needed to speak to his father.
"You're a bit off course aren't you kid? You should be at school." Slim's voice was admonishing but his green eyes flickered with amusement behind his ever-present shades. Draping a muscular arm over Wyatt's shoulders Slim steered him toward the door.

"I'm here to see my dad although I don't see his bike anywhere. I called the house but no one was home. I figured he'd be here."
Wyatt followed Slim to the front desk and waited patiently while Slim asked the girl if Coop had arrived. She smiled flirtatiously at Wyatt and shook her head. "I'm sure your father is on his way in kid; we have some contracts we need to go over, tour dates to review. Come on upstairs and we'll catch up until he gets here. You ever see Will on campus?"

"Yeah, he hangs out with Randi and Nic."

Wyatt trailed Slim up the stairs. Picking up a pool cue, he challenged Slim to a game. Figuring he might get some information from Slim that he wouldn't from his father Wyatt casually mentioned a name. "Slim, what do you know about my mother's side of the family?"

"Not much. Why do you ask?"

"My mom had a cousin, Gemma Wilson, does that name mean anything to you?"
Slim's expression was impassive as he gripped the stick and regarded Wyatt. "That is one name I do know. Gemma's an agent.  She's aggressively shopping Jimmy Breaux and that band of his, so far nobody's interested including me. She's some kind of cousin isn't she?" He drew a breath and held it for a long while before continuing. "I take it you've come in contact with her?"

Wyatt nodded. "We've talked. I had dinner at her place. She seems all right to me."

Slim bent over the table to line up his next shot. "She's got an uncanny resemblance to your mother." It wasn't a question.

Wyatt straightened up, set the stick down. "I'm aware of it. She looks like my mother, she's related, it happens, so what? What's the big deal about signing Breaux? I met him. He was helping Rainie move out; he seems like a stand up guy, talented. He just needs a chance."


"Did she send you here to try and sway a contract?" Cooper strode into the room already looking thunderous.

It momentarily surprised him but then Wyatt's temper flared. "Nobody sent me here. I said I ran into him, he was with Rayne, and yeah, I think it's shortsighted to walk away from Breaux, I think it's a mistake. He's damned good. You're throwing away great talent. If you want the label to be about nothing but what's safe, then go right ahead and ignore bands like Brew. And what the hell is going on with Rayne? Why am I hearing it from Randi that my sister's been cut out?"

Slim shot a quick glance at Cooper, took a step back from the table, crossed his arms and leveled his eyes at Wyatt. "We built this label together, Wyatt, and I can guarantee you nothing we do is about safe, but like I said, some risks aren't worth it. Jimmy Breaux is one of them. I'll leave you and your father to talk about your sister." He nodded at Cooper, shoved past him and walked out, shutting the door behind him.

Cooper waited, watching Wyatt, then slowly strode around the pool table, prowling, stalking him. "What's going on with you and Gemma?  You two are hanging out a lot.  You've been discussing my contract decisions with her?"


Standing his ground Wyatt glared at his father eyes burning like dry ice and bit back hard. "Yeah I talked to her. She's got some good ideas. We discussed setting up my own production company with Gemma, picking up talent you won't look at, like Brew. Or Rayne. Rayne's damned good, never noticed that did you? Yeah, I'm thinking about it, and I'm working with Gemma."


"What the hell are you thinking Wy?  You don't know - stay away from that bitch, the hell you are working with her!"

"Come on Dad, what's your problem?  She looks like Mom? Did you hate Mom so much that you can't let me have some piece of her?"

"Don't throw that shit at me.  Don't be stupid Wyatt, she came onto me and didn't get what she wants so she is going to use you just like Bailey did! Open your eyes damn it! She doesn't give a damn about you; she wants me and she is going through you!"


Wyatt exploded. "What the hell are you talking about? You think Gemma wants you? Every woman in the world wants you right?  You're dead wrong!  No they don't - get over it!  It is always about you! You push us all around like some kind of game and do whatever you want and don't give a damn! That's probably why Beth fucked McDermott!" Wyatt paused for a split second then turned on his heel. "Fuck you Dad, I'm out of here - you figure it out!"


Wyatt left the room without bothering to look back. Cooper leaned heavily on the pool table, a blinding rage consuming him. "That goddamn bitch I am going to rip her apart!"

Tearing down the stairs Cooper pushed through the back door, threw his leg over the bike and peeled away leaving a trail of rubber in his wake.


South Beach Crossing: Chinatown Tunnel 4:53PM


NEXT CHAPTER: Sessions Chapter 26


Phoenix said...

Oh Lord! Look at that puppy dog happy grin on Ryan's face! *rubs forehead* This is gonna cause some trouble!

And Cooper never looks in does he? He needs to listen to his kids sometimes. See what's going on with them before lashing out otherwise he's kids are going to drift away from him. I think they already are.

I loved this piece. So tense and full of angry passion!

Just in case you haven't noticed it's posted twice! I'm sure it'll be fixed by the time I leave this comment! LOL!

thewynd said...

Cooper tries to protect his kids and doesn't realize he needs to let them go, he needs to trust them and listen. That determination tends to blind him at times.

Yeah, Big Red on the horizon.

Thanks for the heads up on the double post Phoenix. Perfect cap to a really messed up day. And thanks so much for your support. It means a great deal to us.

Phoenix said...

Hope you feel better Gayl! I'm having some issues right now so fun!

You're welcome! And likewise! :D

S.B. said...

It is about time. Cooper might be trying to protect Wyatt, but telling him that every woman Wyatt wants is really going for his father is NOT something Wyatt is going to accept. And it is probably not true.

The lion pride is changing. Young lion roaring, taking a stance, taking sides.

Big Red on the horizon. He's always been there.

Nothing about this is messed up. NOTHING.

Van said...

Cooper is such a patriarch. He just can't bring himself to admit that his kids are now adults. I'm sure he'll learn some day, though.

Meanwhile, I do hope Wyatt can at least match wits with Gemma if she does try to pull something funny.

OMG Ryan. Things are about to get veeeery interesting...

thewynd said...

Van you're right, he is and I think that he tries to over-compensate for his absence and becomes overbearing instead.

Wyatt is not the same melancholy boy that fell in love with his professor. And he has a good woman in Cade keeping him together as well.

Haha, very interesting indeed!

Thank you Van!!! :)

Muzegoddess said...

Wow! Cooper, Cooper, Cooper... He just hasn't figured out that the quickest way to alienate his son is to tell him that all the women who come on to him just want to get to his father. And Wyatt isn't holding any punches is he? Bringing up Ryan and Beth. And speaking of Ryan and Beth what are they doing in front of a place that says "rooms available"? What is that about? Though I do not at all mind seeing Ryan.

Something is definately errupting alright and I can't wait to see what Coop is going to do to Gemma.

Fantastic update!

thewynd said...

I wondered when someone would bring up that sign Muzegoddess...hehe.

Coop thinks he is guarding Wyatt from heartbreak and in this case I'm not sure what he meant when he said Gemma wanted him actually referred to sex. Of course that is how Wyatt took it and who can blame him?

Thanks so much Muzegoddess!!!

AtomicSpaceKitty said...

Well, crap...what a cliff-hanger! *bites nails in anticipation*

I had a feeling that Wyatt was going to step up to the plate. I'm really excited to see him coming into his own and forging his own path. Too bad Cooper can't ease back on the strangle hold he feels like he has to keep on his family. He may end up alienating them all. (OMG, so many mixed metaphors in that paragraph...oh, well. haha)

Qui. said...

whoa whoa WHOA... Beth.. Ryan.. Rooms? WHAT?!! My jaw dropped when Wyatt exploded! Cooper is losing his family all over again!

Beautiful shots!

thewynd said...

Kara thanks! We haven't really seen much of Wyatt's transformation on screen but he really has matured from that petulant and love-struck teen. The thing that I am not sure came across is that he wanted to talk to his father, get him involved, get his opinion, but that didn't happen.

As for the cliff lips are sealed.

thewynd said...

Qui! LOL! Yeah Beth, Ryan and rooms! What a combination!

Wyatt is a lot like his dad tempermentally. He has that same hair trigger temper and I think he would have appreciated it if his father had listened.

Thank you!!

Sinclair said...

Well good old insensitive Cooper did it again. He reallllly would benefit from listening to what people have to say before reacting. Mainly with his own family. That temper and boxed ears has already gotten him in deep trouble yet he continues to dig that hole with his kids. Hes a douche. But he could be right about Gemma. But I really hope she did just want to break in to the business and thats all. It would serve Cooper right to have someone tell HIM "I told you so".

On the other hand maybe this is another push for Wyatt and Rayne to bond a little.

Gosh you make me bounce around with these characters. I never have one solid opinion on them. Always something new.

thewynd said...

Thanks for reading Sinclair! you are NOT a fan of Cooper’s are you? LOL!! Cooper is so used to having his way that it throws him when his children do not heed his advice or listen to him. He does mean well and wants the best for his kids. Unfortunately his methods can drive them away. And he very well may be right about Gemma, not so much that she wants him physically but more that she wants in on his business.

It would be nice to see Wyatt bonding with his siblings; it isn’t something we have really shown. Wyatt does care very much for them even though it hasn’t really been seen.

If we are keeping you on your toes with these stories then we are definitely doing our job right! Thanks again Sinclair!

thelook said...

I think I died inside at the last two pictures and at the writing. Because that what just such an amazing cliffhanger not to mention great use of similes too (the pushing around on a chessboard part). And I swear you could feel everyone's emotions and thoughts to the point were it was like you were God having a meltdown because everyone's perspective is just so different from yours.

I think Wyatt is a real sweetie to talk of Jimmy and Rayne like that knowing full well that their situation isn't exactly rosy posy. Not to mention the way he defended Beth's actions! Cheating isn't right but for Wyatt himself and not even Cooper, Beth's husband to realise WHY she did it says a lot about their relationship. And Cooper talking about 'They just want me', hey SLOW down there! Not everyone does - some actually prefer your son y'know! I still think Bailey could have had a little bit longer with Wyatt just Cooper pushed her to say she really wanted him. At least that's how I've always viewed it.

I think this chapter (if Cooper actually listened to someone else's view!) would definitely have been an eye opener because truth is, if you push everyone to their brinking(?) point their only gonna push back. And hard. Very hard.

The Lunar Fox said...

Cooper is getting attacked from all sides. Poor man! With his children seemingly turning against him, he seems to withdraw in a way. Like hardening the stomach for a punch to the gut.

His kids pull away because of how he acts, and when they pull away he only acts more that way. Mr I won't allow it indeed.

thewynd said...

thelook: yes those last two shots are quite the cliffhanger. It's great to know tht the emotions were clear in this piece. Sometimes it can be hard to get it right but with these two it isn't hard to grab it.

Wyatt does feel a definite closeness to his siblings although his comment about Beth and Ryan was said more out of anger than truth. He probably wanted to bite back the words after he thought about it.

Cooper is definitely getting some pushing back from those he loves, definitely.

Thanks for reading!

thewynd said...

Lunar, he does feel like his kids are attacking him. It has never been easy for him, almost like wanting a normal life vs. the life he has. Cooper still has to figure out how what he does for a living and what he wants for his family fit together. He isn't in control of it and that doesn't sit well at all with him.

Thanks so much!!

Rachel said...

*gasp* Oh my...that's quite a picture to end with! Rooms available, but I really wonder whether Beth was meeting Ryan or just passing through for some reason. I'm still behind in the chapters so I might actually get to find out! Off to read more!