Monday, October 26, 2009

Sessions 17

The Crossing - Rowan Photography Studio

It came out like a river once I let it out
When I thought that I wouldn't know how
Held onto it forever just pushing it down
Felt so good to let go of it now
Not wrapping this in ribbons
Shouldn't have to give a reason why

soundtrack: No Surprise-Daughtry

On edge, irritable and arriving earlier than necessary, Cooper approached the photo studio and stopped just outside. It was converted from an old rundown spa, a smaller, more private place located in the western edge of the Crossing.

Increasingly frustrated over the constant tabloid articles and being hounded for a sound bite about his personal life, he had chosen this place over the others to shoot an upcoming feature for Rolling Stone. The photographer and staff were carefully screened. He'd insisted on that.

Pushing through the door Coop approached a woman who stood in the foyer with an old clipboard. She glanced up at him, knitted her brows, and then addressed him. "You're a bit early; we weren't expecting you for another 30 minutes."

"I know I am. I'll wait." Cooper snapped at her.

"You can change over there, room on the right. We have a few things laid out for you. Makeup and hair is waiting to your left." She gestured toward the area above him, " They are still shooting Stevie but you can go on up. Whenever you're ready."

When Cooper finally ascended the stairs he found a small group milling around one of the staging areas.

No doubt it was Stevie who had captured their attention. Seeing him, a couple of the men stepped aside as he moved toward the front; at least none of them had cameras.

Cooper folded his arms and smiled as he watched appreciatively, and watched her watching him.

"Stevie knows how to work a camera. Bring back memories for you or is that still fresh in your mind?" A deep growl behind him pulled Coop out of the moment and he turned visibly angered and looked straight into source of that rumble.

"Why are you here Rafe? You really want to stir up more shit with me?"

"I'm just here for the story, doing my job.” Rafe glanced at Stevie, then turned back and casually added, ”Which reminds me, I was going to ask you how you like the whole house husband gig? Got any recipes I can share with my wife?"

Trying to appear unfazed Cooper smiled at Rafe. Even if Rafe managed to get a rise out of him, he'd be damned if he was going to let him know it. "Maybe I ought to stop by one of these days; as I recall your wife finds me rather entertaining."

Rafe smiled right back at him, more teeth and cold eyes than amusement. "I'd be real careful if I were you, Cooper. I don’t like you, and I’m not Shaun. I’ve got a real good friend who doesn’t find it particularly entertaining either, and she’s got options. You’re not the only damned act in town.”

Angry, frustrated, uneasy, and determined to blow it off, Cooper turned his back to Rafe and strode over to Stevie. His face relaxed into an easy smile as his eyes swept the length of her. She was barely dressed, her outfit revealing more of her than Shaun would probably like, but she was every man's fantasy. He stroked her bottom lip with his thumb and watched her smile. "You look hot Stevie."

"So do you." She ran a hand through his hair, fingers sliding through the silky texture and continued, "I like what they did with your hair. It's sexy."

Turning serious for a moment Stevie glanced at Rafe, who met her gaze straight on, and then back to Cooper.

"You know you shouldn't let him or any of them get to you," she told him softly.

"They aren't, not really. I'm just tired, going stir crazy."

Draping his arm around her bare shoulder, he turned Stevie away from the crowd and whispered, "You're a good friend Stevie, and I appreciate your support. It means a lot." She didn't respond but slipped her arm around him and squeezed gently.

"Stevie, we want to get some shots of you and Cooper together. If you can give us a few more minutes we can start there and finish up with Cooper's session." The same girl from the foyer, she must be some sort of coordinator, was smiling, almost patronizing, as she watched the couple and waited for one of them to respond.

Smiling once more Stevie answered, "Sure, I have time."

As much as he tried, Cooper could not get in the spirit of the photo shoot. Increasingly resentful of the constant judgmental glare from Rafe, the heat from the lights, and the irritation he brought with him in the first place, they had to keep retaking the shots if they got any at all.

"All right, let's just take a quick break and regroup shall we?" The photographer approached Cooper, if he had been irritable he certainly didn't show it, and spoke quietly, "Look, I am supposed to be shooting sexy rock stars. I don't know what the problem is but I need you to perform here, with Stevie. I need these shots before I can let her go and now we're getting backed up. Now I've seen the sexual chemistry you have with her, it's explosive, so can we cut through the bullshit and see some of that?"

Cooper glanced around the room once more. They were all still there, watching, waiting, and whispering, their lascivious thoughts exposed in their expressions. This photo shoot was like having sex in front of an audience and while he wasn't modest, he didn't like it, not this time and not with Stevie. Hell, they all thought he was fucking her anyway; what was he supposed to do?

More furious than ever at the assumptions, he wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary, so why was everyone making such a big deal out of it now? He was tired of it, the innuendo and the gossip, all of it. Fuck them all.

He reached the end of his rapidly unraveling patience as he sucked in a breath. As the photographer began to walk away, Cooper lost control. "You want explosive? How is this?" Cooper went for the lights knocking them over in a loud clatter as they popped one by one. "Did that get your attention? How is this?" Cooper kicked the motorcycle with his boot dumping it on its side.

Wheeling around, he took clear, hard aim at the photographer.

"I told you I wanted a closed set. You clear these people out of here now and if you're lucky, I won't call Rolling Stone and have your ass fired. Now get the fuck out of my way!"

Nudging Rafe hard with his shoulder as he shoved past him, Cooper stormed off the set incensed and infuriated as he thundered away from everyone.



~Drew said...

Explosive is not the word, down right nuclear. I love Cooper in this, finally, we see the petulant rock star, fed up with it all. Love how he Scott Stapped the set, kicking over the motorcycle. (For those who may not know, Stapp, the petulant, spoiled, erratic lead singer of Creed)
Rafe standing about being judgmental was a riot. Hello kettle...
Those last shots.
Cooper is diving in the deep end of the pool here? Or perhaps, it is just a passionate kiss in a public toilet. Or not. AS the chapter is called, No Surprise, this has been boiling for awhile.
Great update!

Phoenix said...

Just when I think that I like you Coop you act like a petulant child who's had his toy taken away! The only reason he feels as if all these eyes are on him is because he's constantly doing shady stuff! He's been toying with the line for awhile and with this he just completely stepped over. And it's just not about him! There are OTHER PEOPLE INVOLVED COOP!!!!

And you don't get off either Stevie! WHAT...IN...THE...WORLD?!!! You JUST had a talk with your husband and then you turn around and do this crap!! Are you serious? SERIOUS?

I want to slap them both!

On a different note:

Wow...Coop looks hot with that hair! For a minute there I thought it was Wyatt! *nods* And, as always, you two have pulled emotions from me! LOL!! Great stuff! Shots, the sets, awesome!

thewynd said...

Thanks Drew! I love that description, petulant rock star, it fits Cooper perfectly.

In some respects he was lucky it was Stevie that followed him into the men's room. As Beth mentioned to me, Rafe would have planted him face first into the concrete for bumping into him the way he did.

Where the passion in the men's room will have to wait for the next update!

thewynd said...

Phoenix: We debated that last sequence of shots, ok I debated and SB indulged me, whether or not to add text to them. Since there is none I am going to try and interpret. Stevie made the first move. There I said it even if the shots didn't.

There is a lot of history here and a lot of frustration on Cooper's part. He isn't touring which is part of what makes him come alive, he is just being himself and quite frankly, he is a rock monster and yeah, he can act spoiled, arrogant and petulant. To love him is to know this and accept it or not.

Stevie on the other hand has really taken a step she may regret.

Mao said...

Oh, no. No, no, no! I knew this was coming, dreaded watching it happen, but here it is. Painful to watch, but like a car accident, you can't look away. It's real, too. Feelings that were never really dealt with, just filed away and now they're back with abandon. Cooper's been betrayed, he's went through a lot... but Stevie? Why Stevie?! Poor Shaun. Poor, poor Shaun... :(

This is not going to end well. It's going to implode.

The last sequence was brilliant without words. Had so much more impact.

S@n said...

that was explosive indeed... I'm almost speechless...

I'm soooo angry with Stevie... (I want to strangle her)

By now I expect about anything coming from Cooper...but Stevie... you really have let me down.... what about Shaun!!!

Coop is acting more and more like a child ... and Stevie is just another one of his toys... ok.. maybe she is not... but I doubt he will ever leave Beth!

I agree, that last scene is perfect without words... I just love when shots can tell a story on their own...really wonderful!

the writing is powerful and explosive... and I'm sooo angry with those two right now... they just jumped into the abyss...

hopefully Shaun will never find out, and hopefully 'this' is "just a kiss" just the mood of the moment...

hopefully it doesn't mean anything...

but I'm seriously believing this goes beyond what we see...


thewynd said...

Mao, yes Cooper and Stevie have been a train wreck careening out of control. I think the biggest impact on Stevie was Shaun asking her about her choice or lack of it. What happens here could potentially change a lot for everyone.

I am glad the last sequence worked. Sometimes you are never sure that anyone else will see what you were going for.

Yeah poor Shaun. Might be interesting to see what he will do if he finds out!

thewynd said...

S@ndy, Stevie definitely crossed a line she should have thought long and hard about before stepping over. As for whether or not Shaun finds out...that will be interesting.

Thanks so much for the words on the shots and the writing. We try to use a lot of thought and care with our updates. So glad that it worked!

S.B. said...

Hey Mao!

Well, Cooper's frustrated and resentful and angry and not entirely happy with himself at the moment, and Stevie is there. Ready and willing to help fix it for him. And they have a long history.

Why would she put a move on Cooper? Maybe the feelings that haven't been resolved are more on her part than his.

Gayl's last sequence was truly brilliant, wasn't it? I love it!!!

S.B. said...

S@ndy, all the explosion and drama here are entirely Gayl's and I cannot applaud her enough!!!

I'd also like to strangle Stevie.

Whether Cooper decides to go further with this or not, whether he's serious about ripping up everything, that's not yet clear.

Van said...

Oh man, how did he not learn his lesson last time? *sigh*

*shakes fist at Stevie*

They do have nice chemistry, though. But but but their poor spouses! And their kids! Noooooo!

thewynd said...

Dinuriel I guess learning his lesson depends upon getting caught! They have chemistry and a long history. And they both have a lot to lose that is important to them if they go too far.


Unknown said...

Being a big Daughtry fan, and knowing the song very well, I rushed to read this. This was not the "no surprise" I had in mind, but you're right, it's no surprise. And one of these days Coop might just think ahead and figure out where the hell the windows are!

The shots show that Stevie made the first move, that girl has a few issues she needs to resolve. I'm not really surprised, though. I did like the no-dialog pictures, they worked very well. Much better than dialogue would have. :D

This is so not going to end well. :/

thewynd said...

Cooper thinking ahead...yes that would have been a good plan.

I am glad you took that away from those shots. I really agonized over that. Silly, but I did.

I wonder if Shaun had not brought up the past, her lack of choice, whether or not she would have made the move. It's going to be a sticky situation for sure.

Muzegoddess said...

*closing my eyes tightly, screaming, pushing hard on the breaks and trying to grab the wheel. Too late, we seem to have crashed anyway*

Cooper, Cooper, Cooper. Why???!!!! I knew it was coming, but damn it I hoped it wouldn't.

He's being such a selfish child. Poor rich Rockstar who can't go on tour (his own fault of course). Oh they're all looking at me like I'm sleeping with her, so let me just go do it already. Damn it Cooper, no!! *end tantrum*

Okay, is he being selfish? Yes. Reckless? Of course. Does Beth kind of have this coming? One could argue that she does. She's just as much a part of this mess as Cooper is but clearly self-control is not a strong suit for either of them. I am offically wearing my Team Beth shirt right now though.

I don't really know what the hell Stevie is doing. I see no reason to look further than Shaun's blue eyes and buff muscles for physical comfort, but....I know there is something there between her and Cooper.

If there ends up being something serious to tell (as I am quietly crossing my fingers and praying that the two of them grow the good sense to stop this madness) I wonder if Rafe will spill the beans. The last time he tried to tell Beth something (i.e. Rayne sleeping w/Ryan) she blew him off.

This whole thing is a mess. A glorious, dramatic, nail biting mess and I am loving/hating every minute of it; which speaks to the wonderful writing. I also love the shots here. The intensity of the bathroom scene; no words, just actions; animal, instinctual actions.

This is going to have me betwixed for a while now. Absolutely spectacular update :)

S.B. said...

thank you from both of us Muzegoddess!

Cooper is definitely showing his worst side here - selfish and arrogant. I think Stevie took him by surprise, though. He expected to be able to continue playing the flirtation game as long as he enjoyed it without any consequences at all, or without the escalation that just happened. Whether he acts on it now that it's RIGHT THERE, have to wait and see.

Stevie is another matter. Kind of hard for me to work up any sympathy for her at this point.

Will Rafe say anything? I don't know. Maybe he won't have to.

thank you so much for your wonderful comments! We really appreciate them!!

Anonymous said...

My goodness..that was..well I'd say unexpected but like the title says it wasn't really a surprise but still! Oh stupid Stevie! She did look beautiful though..Where did you find that hair?

I'm already wishing the next post was up.

S.B. said...

Thanks from both of us anonymous! Stevie certainly got carried away but she's been thinking about it, and Shaun bringing it up probably made her think about it even more.

Stevie's hair is Rose hair 0103 with color by Jenna.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and leave us a comment! It means a great deal to know people are enjoying what we create.

thewynd said...

Muzegoddess, I always love your comments because they get to the heart of the matter. Does Beth have it coming? I am one of those that firmly believes 2 wrongs don't make it right. If Cooper didn't like what happened with her and Ryan he had 2 choices, cut and run or fix it. He loves his wife so running was not going to happen.

But he is who he is, self-indulgent and spoiled and a huge flirt, sexy and appealing.

I feel sorry for Stevie because even if they don't take it as far as they could, if Shaun finds out it won't be pretty, especially knowing she instigated it after his warning. No matter what Stevie is, she is honest. It wouldn't surprise me if she told him herself.

Thank you so much! And I am hoping to get to your update this afternoon!

thewynd said...

Thanks Anonymous for leaving a comment! SB has put together a really good list on our resources page that lists where a lot of our CC comes from too if you want to take a look.

This was definitely not one of Stevie's finest moments.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Oh, come on Cooper.

I know that I was likely in the minority when I wanted Beth to just call it quits with Cooper and run off with Ryan, but I just never had faith that they'd make it back to shore. They're both drowning in their owns ways, but, while I expected something like this (I mean the SEXUAL.TENSION.), I had really tried to get on the "they can work it out" train. But I didn't buy a ticket. So the conductor kicked me off.

And I LOVE Stevie. I love the flurry she causes where ever she walks. I love her interactions. And I love her sex appeal. But I hoped she wouldn't let this happen. Because I know that she'll take this seriously. This is not going to be inconsequential to her. But how long can you flood the dam before it breaks? And this bitch snapped right it half.

I'm a little bit fuzzy at how Cooper will take this. He had to have sensed this. And he just had a tantrum over every thinking and talking shit about him, and now he just MANIFESTED all the shit that was being talked. I'm very ready to see how this turns.

I'm oddly even about this. I should be screaming and throwing things... because, I do that when I read Sessions. It definitely happens. But I'm really even.

And I just love Rafe. After all of his dialogue I kept saying "oooo, burn." Like a highschooler.

As always, AMAZING

Anonymous said...

you ladies have a love for the moody and mercurial don't you?

Personally my favorite character in all of this, although I'm a noob to Sessions, is Stevie. Every story needs some good sex appeal.

Shots are amazing~! I know y'all worked hard to get them just right. Well, you got it. perfectly sexy, perfectly eye-catching. great work!

cant wait until the next update!


S.B. said...


Rafe - thank you!!!

There's not much Rafe can do about any of this, not between two adults, but he's going to let Cooper know he thinks Coop is behaving like an ass. After the first shock wore off, Rafe would rather have seen Ryan surplant Cooper too. He respects Ryan. He understands Ryan - they are more alike.

Stevie is one big beautiful bombshell isn't she? I think she overreached here, and, you're right, she will take it seriously. Will Cooper? Very doubtful. Very very doubtful. If it's not what he wants, if this is a moment when he finally smacks himself in the head and goes Damn, this is not good, he's not indecisive. He'll cut her off hard.

I always love your perspective. You see things at a different angle, and it's such a pleasure to read your reaction.

Thank you so much!

S.B. said...

Hi xtina!

never thought about it that way, but I guess we do like moody and mercurial LOL!

Stevie is admirable in a lot of ways. She's definitely sexy! I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up getting hurt this time though.

Gayl's beautiful shots absolutely made this, but we both work hard to try to make our pieces visually interesting. Thank you so much!

goodbye_sun said...

I guess the bigger question is if either of them is willing to stop this before it goes from bad to worse. I do get what brought them both to this point of convergence, all that speculation and judgement about every move you make, its got to drive you crazy. I doubt whether of them are going to get out of it what they are really looking for, and Stevie will probably come out of it the worse of the two of them.

S.B. said...

goodbye_sun - thank you yes that is a large question. And it is very unlikely either of them will get anything at all useful from going for it like this.

It will be much easier for Cooper to get out of it, if that's what he chooses to do. Not particularly fair, but that's life.

thank you so much for reading and leaving us a comment.

cheripye said...

Oh Dear I just cant help but feel that for all the love Coop and Stevie hold for their spouses there was and is some unfinished business. Or perhaps that maybe it was a secret fantasy for them both.

Although my rational mind keeps saying, uhm no they have both been wounded deeply by those they love and are acting out. Although Rafe really didnt help this situation LOL!

Stunning update sorry it took so long to comment!

Sinclair said...

Maybe its because I dont really care for Cooper that much or maybe its my distain for bratty attitudes. But Coopers stock continues to crash in my book. His anger at being in the spotlight just seems to strike me in the wrong spot. I feel like as a self proclaimed "rockstar" you dont get to bitch about no privacy. Its the life you chose. So to see him take his anger out on that poor photographers equipment just screams "time for reality check". Plus I find it amusing how he punched the photographer when he himself said everyone in the room thought the same thing. All I know is Cooper has a big dose of reality coming and I have a feeling its going to knock him down several pedals.

And what happened to Hayden and the guys? After Cooper said they were going to have to fend for themselves because hes a selfish asshole what did they do? Where are they now? Anddd will Hayden kick Coopers ass? Cause someone needs to.

S.B. said...

Hi Sinclair!

Yeah we've got to deal with Heydon and the rest of them. Haven't forgotten about that, just trying to figure out how to piece it in. thank you for the reminder though - we don't want to leave gaping holes and it's too easy to do.

Heydon's hardly one to throw stones at Cooper about fooling around, so doubt he'll go there about that though.

Coop is definitely behaving badly. He loves the spotlight but he wants it on his terms. And he pushed it way too far with Stevie, mostly because he's bored and restless and used to flirting with her, and she accommodated him, played along and petted and soothed him with the 'it's not your fault, it's the evil fans/wife' line. Which Stevie believes - she's trying to take care of Cooper.

This time, it is not what he needs.

thank you so much, from both of us, for your great comments! You help keep us going in the right direction!

S.B. said...

Cherie, I think Cooper is acting more out of frustration and boredom than any deep seated hurt. The thing with Ryan was bad, but Coop reacted more with anger than hurt. It was, after all, one night; and it happened a long time ago.

Shaun has never hurt Stevie, so that's not her motivation.

Coop and Stevie are former lovers. They know each other very well - any sexual fantasy has already happened. He had the opportunity to go back and get Stevie when he split with his first wife, before she married Shaun and before he remarried. He didn't do it. Which should speak volumes.

I think Rafe did the right thing. Someone needed to point out to Cooper that other people were involved here. Cooper didn't want to hear it, and he really didn't want to hear it coming from Rafe, but it was the truth.

thank you for taking the time to read and comment. We both really appreciate it!

thewynd said...

Veron, I love how you described Stevie, a flurry of sexual appeal with a heart of gold. She never really faced the feelings for Cooper that she buried until they came barreling at her thanks to Shaun pointing out the truth. And Cooper hurting in any way equals Stevie going into rescue mode. That is who she is.

I can see why you would think that Coop would see this coming but...this is STEVIE we are talking about. He assumes she would know better. And yes, he is being all the bad bad things people have said, spoiled, arrogant, indulgent, all of that and more. And truthfully if Cooper had wanted Stevie, he would have either stayed with her or gone to get her after he left his first wife. He didn't. I think his frustration is less about what people are saying than it is his unhappiness and frustration over a situation he created when he stopped doing what he loved doing.

hehe I love Rafe too. No one can deliver a blow like he can.

Thank you SO MUCH!

thewynd said...

xtina, we do love to shake things up! Stevie is a good girl, really. She has a good heart and good intentions. What she did in the men's room wasn't calculated nor has she been chasing after him. It was a spontaneous OMG maybe I do love you moment for her. So I am happy that people aren't hating her right now.

Thank you so much for the compliments!

thewynd said...

goodbye_sun, I have to agree that Coop will come out of whatever happens much better than Stevie will. He may be taking missteps but he really does know who he is and what he needs. Stevie is finding herself a bit lost.


thewynd said...

Cherie, definitely some unfinished business there. Because of their history with each other there is a closeness that never went away and infinitely more unresolved issues with Stevie as opposed to Cooper.

I don't think either of their spouses pushed them toward this, they are in a situation they made on their own. How they come out of it will be interesting.

Thanks Cherie!

thewynd said...

Sinclair, you actually voiced something that I have always thought about anyone in the spotlight. When you become a performer the speculation, the gossip, the lack of privacy is part of the package. In Cooper's case he doesn't really care so much about that. What has him behaving badly is more his own frustration over a choice, a sacrifice if you will, that he made which was wrong. But I think he got his reality check in the men's room.

As for the rest of the guys, it has been a challenge to fit their stories in without making things either too long or having things stray too far off course. We will be working them back in though soon.

Thanks so much!

Emily said...

Ugh. All I can say is I wouldn't EVER be able to stay married to Cooper, especially after seeing this. Rockstar or not, it is possible to stay faithful to your wife. And I'm not saying that in regards to Beth, this chapter just really made me think about Coop on his own. And I adore him, I've loved watching him since the beginning, through the ups and downs but here...he made me sick. Angry with your wife over what she did to you or not, you still have a family and a commitment to think of, why not just divorce and get it over with?

Stevie? She's been off and on for me I think since the start! She's got a wonderful husband, new baby, JUST had a major blowout with her husband over the hotheaded rocker "friend" she's sooooo good to and now she does this...incredible. She's officially on my shit list again. LOL. But, I've always loved her hair and that outfit was fierce! (But Coop should be used to curving his temptations by now!)

Powerful update but I don't like seeing my favorite characters do bad things to themselves. :(

I also want to mention that I'm not criticizing the writing, this was just what it made me feel. You both know I'm a huge fan of what you do, so definitely do not take this as a reflection on you, it takes awesome people to get this kind of reaction outta me! ;)

S.B. said...

oh Emily, we know you're not criticizing the writing! And we expected strong reactions.

In Cooper's defense, he's not getting back at his wife, nor is he angry with her at this point, or particularly hurt or wounded or anything. He's frustrated because he's not doing what he loves, and lashing out in general, and took things with Stevie too far. It was definitely a mistake. Very likely he will recognize that.

Stevie is still obviously attached to him, husband and baby nothwithstanding. She stands to be hurt a lot more seriously than Cooper.

We both appreciate the strong reaction - stay tuned. Maybe somebody will redeem himself!

Emily said...

LOL, yes I was thinking about that, will definitely have to wait and see what happens, he could stop things before they get out of control. You know I can't wait to see!

thewynd said...

Emily, again, thank you for reading. Stevie's outfit is a conversion done by me. The only other thing I did was recolor the shoes. she does look terrific in that though doesn't she?

Emily said...

Dude, that outfit is hot! You did an awesome job with it, but then again I'm not surprised. :)

thewynd said...

Thank you Emily! I'm still learning...but it feels good to have clothes that match the body whenever possible.

Penelope said...

I have to agree with Phoenix and Emily here. WTF. I could backhand them both.

And I have to wonder how much of this was just a reaction to all of the tabloid speculation. As in, "We weren't screwing before but sure as hell are now!"

I don't know how Coop's marriage survives any of the crap that it goes through. I just have no idea.

S.B. said...

And I agree with you, Penelope. Some of it, mostly on Stevie's part, was probably driven by the tabloid speculation. Hey, maybe I should go for it!

I guess part of the reason the marriage survives is that Cooper is who he is, and you don't get married to him and expect something else. His wife hasn't exactly been sitting around waiting for him to come home - her behavior wasn't all that great either LOL!

thank you so much!

Colliegirl said...

They finally did it. Well... they did something. I have to say that I'm not surprised. There was obviously something still attracting those two. I picked up on that plenty of times. They have a lot of background together, so naturally, I can understand the attachment that is still there between them.

I am disappointed, though. They both have someone that they are committed to, who would both be terribly hurt if they ever found out. And they have beautiful children who need them. They don't seem to be giving any consideration to who their actions might hurt. I would expect Cooper to be a little more discreet after that last fiasco - he seems to seriously lack a lot of that kind of common sense. Uh... excuse me folks! Where is it that you are standing? L-o-o-k! There's an open window behind you!

So what happens now? I don't know about them, but my conscience would seriously be bothering me by now!

thewynd said...

LOL Colliegirl yup, there's that darn window...

There wasn't much thinking going on here. It was fueled by their past as well as Cooper's flirtation. In hindsight, I suspect Stevie would not have acted the way she did. It was an impulsive move most definitely.