Monday, October 4, 2010

Sessions Chapter 39 - Wherever You Will Go

If I could turn back time
I'll go wherever you will go
If I could make you mine
I'll go wherever you will go

Clear Water College - 56 Mason Loop, Taylor rental: 10 AM

Nic quickly checked Rayne's car before heading across the thick grass. Mud oozed up with each step until he reached the walkway and taking the steps in two long strides knocked on the door before entering.

"Is Rayne up yet?"  Shaking mud off his shoes, Nic headed into the kitchen and helped himself to what was left of the coffee.  "I took a look at her car; she hit something pretty hard.  It's going to need work before she can drive it."

"She's taking a shower." Randi quit cleaning the counter, hesitated, then carefully told him, "She called that guy she's living with; he's on his way here."

Disappointed, he had anticipated having that hour with her, looked forward to it, Nic muttered, "I could have given her a ride."

His sister smiled, shaking her head sympathetically.  "She knows that, but he is her boyfriend, Nicky, and something's bothering her.  She probably needs to talk to him."

Nic glanced up the stairs where he could hear water running.  Following his gaze, Randi remarked, "She takes the world's longest showers.   If you want to hang around until she's done, it's going to be a while."

"May as well explain the problem with the car when her ride shows up."  He put the coffee down, the taste bitter and strong, it had probably been sitting there for hours, and wandered restlessly around his sister's little dining room.  "What do you know about that guy?"

"Will you sit down or something?  You're making me itch."  Randi leaned against the archway, watching her brother.  "All I know is that he's in a band.  I saw him perform once; he's really good but he's kind of messed up.  I mean, Rainie met him in rehab."

Nic sat down, shifted uneasily, gazing at the scuffed toes of his boots.  "That's not good for her.  You didn't let her get into your liquor last night, did you?"

"No, Nicky, I did not, but she didn't ask.  She's knows better than to try that with me.  Come on, cut it out; you're not her father."

A car pulled up outside, something with a rough and uneven motor that continued to rattle ominously after the driver cut off the engine.   Nic got up, moving past his sister toward the door while she paused, letting him go with an exasperated sigh.  "Yeah," Nic muttered, "but I'm her friend.  I'll get the door."

He yanked the door open and stared at the man waiting on the other side.  Tall and thin, long blond hair and wearing an overwhelming odor of cigarette smoke, the man stared back at him.  He looked, Nic thought with satisfaction, very surprised to see him.

"Uh, maybe I got the wrong place," Jimmy said cautiously.  "Is this here 56 Mason Loop?"

"Yeah," Nic said, and waited.

Jimmy peered around him, saw Randi, ran a hand through his hair and asked, "Is Rayne Stanfield here?  I got a call...I'm picking her up..."

Randi shoved her brother aside and told him, "She's here.  I'm Randi Taylor, this is my brother Nic.  Come on in - Rayne's still getting dressed but you can wait inside."

He sauntered in, casting a long and somewhat dark glance at Nic, as Randi offered coffee.  Nic thought about the almost undrinkable overcooked mess he'd tried to drink, hoped the man would accept it, but he shook his head and drawled,  "Jimmy thanks, already had me too much coffee.  How long you think Rennie's gonna be?"

"Rainie," Nic emphasized her name, "likes to take long showers." He avoided looking at his sister who, he knew, was throwing him a look of warning.

Randi started to lead the way up the stairs to the living room.  "You can watch TV upstairs while you wait, and you're probably going to have to wait for about half an hour."

Jimmy looked at Nic, who looked back at him and showed teeth in a long cold smile and stood there, making it obvious he wasn't going anywhere.  "After you," he said. 

Folding his arms, Jimmy met that glare, glanced at Randi, then asked, "You got somewhere I can have a smoke?  Not much on watching tv shows."

Randi turned and looked down, smiled, and said to her brother, "Nic, why don't you take him outside?  I'll see if I can get Rayne to hurry up."

Nic moved past him toward the back door, deliberately brushing against the other man's shoulder as he passed him.  Not much on tv shows...not much on books either judging from the way he talked.  What in hell did Rayne see in this loser?  She wouldn't crush on some jerk just because he could play a damned guitar, not Rayne.

Jimmy lit a cigarette, inhaled hard, gazed around the patio and looked up at the house while Nic yanked out one of the chairs, turned it around and settled down, crossing his arms over the back of the chair, watching him smoke.   "Rayne did some serious front end damage to her car last night," he began, deciding he should at least attempt to say something; as long as he didn't use big words, maybe this idiot would understand.  "She's going to need a tow truck."

"We can handle that," Jimmy tossed back at him, lingering on the word 'we'.  "So you're what, her friend's brother?  Hang around, fix her car, shit like that?"

Nic flashed another smile at him, it was almost too easy.  "I don't fix her car.  Is that what you do, fix her car?  Damn...and you find time to do that while she's out?  Impressive, I mean, I'm impressed, that's dedication."

Striding closer, Jimmy gazed down at him, blew a long cloud of smoke in his general direction, and grinned.  "I got me plenty of time to fix whatever she needs fixing.  Guess you got that right though, she don't need you to fix nothing for her."

A blast of anger shook him.  Nic swung off the chair, glared up at the taller man.  "I've known Rayne a long time, and I watch her back.  She knows I'm here for her.  You watch your fucking step; you do one thing that hurts her and I'm all over you, get it?"

The back door swung open and Rayne stepped out onto the narrow porch, her long hair blow dried and shining, earrings glinting against her skin.   "Hi Toad," she said kind of absently, sweeping both of them with a quiet, enigmatic gaze.  "I'm ready to go."

Jimmy tossed the cigarette onto the ground, ground it into the grass with the heel of a dirty sneaker, glanced at Nic, then walked up to her and put his arms around her. "Bout time, sweetheart. You trash your car?"

"Maybe." Rayne held on for a second, then pulled free, walked down the steps, looked into Nic's face, and abruptly hugged him. "Bye," she whispered. "I'll see you later, Nicky. Thank you."


NEXT CHAPTER: Sessions Chapter 40


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Phoenix said...

Raine is paralleling her mother for sure. Two guys hovering over her. Poor Ni. I feel bad for him because once you get into that friend zone it's kinda hard to get out. Right now Raine is with Jimmy and he needs to respect that. Jimmy didn't help the situation by egging him on! *sigh* This was just a mess all around! And Raine and Jimmy have alot to talk about it.

MedleyMisty said...

Aww man - I thought I was going to be the first comment but Blogger ate the first one.

Copying this before hitting enter. :)

I just wanted to say that I loved this! And go go Jimmy! Totally side with him over condescending prejudiced Nic. People can talk however they want whatever books they've read, and accents are not an indicator of intelligence.

S.B. said...

Phoenix: Rayne doesn't think of Nic as anything but a friend. He hasn't pushed that; he understands it. If it was going to change, it would have changed a long time ago. He is firmly in the FRIEND category. Jimmy doesn't know that though. And yes, she is paralleling her mother but under very different circumstances and with very different issues. Thank you!

S.B. said...

Stacy! YES YES! Ha! Well, Nic gets that attitude legitimately: his father Rafe can be very overbearing and judgmental. Nic means well though (both father and son mean well). Nic's had a crush on Rayne since they were about 10 years old, and he has never been able to help her much.

Jimmy's up to it and used to the attitude.

Thank you!!!

Christina said...

*sigh* i really like nic and I feel for him. Jimmy definitely steps on people's toes. >.< ..but nic could take him ;P

as for Randi..well you have to love siblings. they really try to stay on top of each other, which is usually helpful, but i know that's not going to change Nic's feelings toward Raine or Jimmy.

And as Phoenix said Raine and Jimmy really need to talk about some things..

S.B. said...

Christina, Jimmy does step on people's toes, and he does it deliberately. In this case, he was provoked. Show up to pick up your girlfriend and there's some guy there coming on all big and bad. Of course he'd smack back. Absolutely Nic could take him. He wouldn't accomplish anything by doing that though.

Rayne moved in with Jimmy very fast. Moved in with him to get out of rehab and because she didn't know what else to do with herself. They've very attached, but there's the contract now between them, and she has no real life, no identity apart from being Jimmy's girl just like she was just Cooper's daughter. They do have some things to talk about.

Qui. said...

Whoa! Talk about a heated dicussion.
Nic..I feel for him! His feelings are so obvious yet he has no chance...right now.
Jimmy handled that is a cool manner. I got this feel off of him like "Wish all you want but that's MY girl".
Great Chapter! I'd love to see more of these two together!

S.B. said...

Qui: LOL yeah heated is right! Nic wears his heart plastered all over his face, not just on his sleeve. And Toad is usually cool; he knows himself and he thinks he knows Rayne. Which two would you like to see more of? We've got more coming with Jimmy and Rayne.

Valpre said...

Intense conversation between the guys.

Rayne's a lucky girl to have such different, but awesome guys looking out for her.

For someone "uneducated" Jimmy handled that situation in a civilized manner. Nic should know better than to judge people by the way they look or speak; the fact that Rayne's with Jimmy must mean there's something worthwhile about him, I guess.

I get the feeling there's a lot of issues between Rayne and Jimmy they need to work through, judging from her standoffish attitude towards him :( And I won't be surprised if the contract and Gemma are the cause of the friction.

S.B. said...

Val, the contract and Gemma are definitely a problem. What does Rayne have? A live in relationship with man she thinks she loves. She can either run around after him or join his band. If she joins, she's supporting Gemma. If she doesn't, what does she have? Rayne is Cooper's daughter. Hanging out backstage with the fangirls is not something she will find very satisfying.

I love Jimmy. On Nic's behalf, Rayne hasn't done much so far that displays good judgment.

Muzegoddess said...

Haha! More territory marking, though Nic has no claim on Rayne so maybe he's just trying to sprinkle a little pee on Jimmy's shoes. I don't blame Jimmy at all for his reaction, Nic doesn't know him at all so the attitude is out of line but I know he's only being protective of Rayne.

I can't wait to see the much needed conversation between Rayne and Jimmy about that contract. It will be interesting to see if the wedge between them will widen or if they'll tighten it up.

S.B. said...

Muzegoddess...couldn't resist the parallel, and we wanted to bring Nic and Randi into the foreground. Nic's being protective. Jimmy was confused and handled it the only way he could, being Jimmy.

The contract...whether the conversation is about the contract, whether it's a conversation at all, we're working on it. Thank you!!!

Van said...

I feel for Nic, but I do think he could have been a bit more polite. Still think Jimmy is the essence guy. Even though they're fighting, he gets Raine--not saying Nic doesn't, but it's different.

Should be interesting to see how their conversation turns out...

S.B. said...

Van....LOL! Yeah, Nic could have been more polite, but he's his father's son and Rafe is rarely polite. Jimmy has the girl. Rayne's issue isn't with Jimmy. Not to say he won't get hurt when she deals with it, because he might.

Rachel said...

I'm actually a bit surprised that she called Jimmy, but I guess her feelings toward him are conflicted. She knows he had to accept the contract, but at the same time it feels like a kind of betrayal.

Oooh the snarling testosterone-fueled exchanges! Very exciting. And before I forget, I love the description of the way Nic took the stairs at the beginning--his eagerness to see Rayne was so apparent. Nic's snobbery regarding Jimmy is pretty amusing. Jimmy has quite a tool (his accent) to get people to underestimate him.

Nic comes across as feeling a bit entitled to Rayne, but maybe that's just his frustration...

And then Rayne fuels it by hugging him and leaving him with the promise of more meetings. Hm. I can't wait to see the fallout from this! Beautiful!

S.B. said...

Rachel, Rayne is very conflicted. She's in love with Jimmy (as much as a 19 year old girl can know she's in love). Gemma and the contract - she does know he had to accept it, but that decision puts her in a very difficult position. She needs to grow up. She's getting there.

oh yeah Jimmy uses that tool; underestimate him and he'll pound you. But he does realize how he comes off to people in Rayne's circle, and he's not above feeling uncomfortable.

Rayne's known Nic since they were small children. Hugging Nic didn't mean anything to her but appreciation. His sister is her best friend. They will see each other. Does Rayne have any sense about what it costs Nic? Does she care? Rayne is Cooper's daughter. Yes she does and not all that much.

Thank you!!

Qui. said...

"Thinks" he knows Ranye... uh oh.

I'd like to see more of Nic and Jimmy. They made have the RL reaction of twisted eyebrows and a hand flying over my mouth.

S.B. said...

got it Qui!

More Nic and Jimmy....

Gayl, can we make that work?

Nobody knows Rayne. She doesn't know herself. From a little girl who waited for the larger than life prince who wasn't a prince to the almost woman who jumped into Jimmy's life and moved in without really knowing why...what do you do when you have nothing but some sort of fractured fantasies under your feet? And a lot of interesting connections...

thewynd said...

Sure we can make that work!

Just wanting to say thanks to everyone for reading. I am always fascinated by what people take away from our work. Sometimes it opens up areas that we didn't think to explore.

J A Murphy said...

All caught up ... yay!

Having never been in her shoes, in the dark places she had been in her mind, Nic will never really understand Rayne's motivations or why, at this point in her life, she needs to be with Jimmy.

I remember one of the comments above saying that she hasn't really formed a personality of her own, she's gone from being Cooper's daughter to Jimmy's girlfriend. But I think that as Jimmy's girlfriend she will have a chance to come into her own because he needs her as much as she needs him. The conflict over Gemma and her father and the contract will force her into having to come to terms with certain aspects of her life and I think that will do her good (in the long term, short term maybe not so much).

If she was with Nic now, before she's had a chance to explore who she really is, his love and kindness could very well smother her, his judgmental disappointment would bring her down and I can see it going to two extremes - she gets deeper into her hole or she becomes a Stepford Wife, neither of which are desirable outcomes.

oops, sorry, rambled on a bit there :o

thewynd said...

In defense of Nic, he really doesn't know what Rayne has done to herself beyond the drinking and rehab. There would be no way he would turn her into something she isn't or run from her if he knew the extent of her problems. Regardless of whether or not he gets the girl, Nic will always have her back.

That said Jimmy and Rayne do match. They seem to be able to heal each other and yet how much do they really know about each other? They both have their demons and it doesn't necessarily come from a bottle.

Rayne needs to find herself without the influence of someone else wether it is Jimmy or her father or anyone else.

S.B. said...

what Gayl said...

Illandrya...I adore your comments. I just love them.

Rayne's dilemma.

Nic loves her and would do just about anything for her, but Rayne doesn't love him romantically. All he can do is be there for her.

Jimmy is broken and needs her, but finding a way to make Jimmy whole doesn't make her whole, and Jimmy's contract with Gemma changes everything. Rayne loves Jimmy. She can't be be a part of what Jimmy wants to achieve without giving a piece of what she does for Jimmy to Gemma. And Rayne is not going to do that. And that choice will become clearer and starker.

She needs to find a way out. If it was anyone but difficult arrogant dream-obsessed competitive Rayne, it would be a piece of cake.

and you never ramble...

Rad said...

As much as I love Rayne and would hate to see her go, I wonder if she should get out of town, find a new job, a new place to be, a new chance in life, away from all the baggage of home. Maybe go travelling, see Europe or Australia or something.

Nice to see Nic and Randi, even if the circumstances are a little fraught.

S.B. said...

Rad...she knows she needs to go.

~Drew said...

Interesting dynamics here with past and present relationships inter-meshing.
Nic needs to move on, he's adorable, that inner light of his just shines. Not for Rayne.
Who, seems more of a lost little girl than she was when Gabe found her. Maybe she should go away for a time.
Great update ladies~

S.B. said...

Drew, she's beginning to see it. Rayne is in love with Jimmy, she doesn't want to see it.

thank you so much for all your support for so long

Sinclair said...

OMG...I'm reallly glad I got myself caught back up! I really want to applaud those pictures. Plus that little battle between Toad and Nic was amusing. Especially cause Toad knew he had that one in the bag from the get go. Poor Nic has no chance. He cant handle Rayne no matter how well he thinks he knows her.

S.B. said...

Hi Sinclair!! Yeah, Nic really doesn't have a realistic chance. Toad has a lock on the girl and he knows it.

Thank you so much from both of us! It's always so great to hear from you!

S@n said...

Another great chapter!
It is always nice to see Nick, he is just like Rafe, always trying to protect his love ones... maybe if he had kissed Rayne back then, instead of finding bugs, everything would be different now... lol we will never know now...
He is really cute, but I don't think they will be a good couple, they seem so different... like night and day... but maybe because of those difference, they could complement each other...who knows!

S.B. said...

S@n, if it was ever going to happen between Nic and Rayne, that time has probably passed. Things can change, though. Thank you from both of us!