Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sessions 20 - Love Walks In

Ooh, and there she stands in a silken gown
Silver lights shinin' down

And then you sense a change
Nothin' feels the same
All your dreams are strange
Love comes walkin' in

soundtrack: Love Walks In - Van Halen

Bay View - Lakin's Beach House: Monday, 7:42PM

Aidan walked gingerly across the sandy driveway that stretched out in front of Lakin's bungalow grateful that he had put the top up in his Jag before driving over. Although it was warm, rain pelted down on him and he considered going back to the car to grab his jacket but by then he would be thoroughly soaked.

Gingerly taking the stairs, he tried the door which Lakin never locked and entered. Her house was small, no, it was tiny. He asked her to move in with him after they got engaged but she loved this place and wanted to stay through the end of her lease.

Aidan found her sitting at the small table in her kitchen, probably doing the crossword, and smiled. He could be happy living here with her in spite of the size of the place. It was quiet, peaceful, and remote. He didn't need a mansion, he just needed her. It made the news he brought with him all the more bitter.

"Hi baby," Aidan's soft-spoken voice greeted her. Lakin looked up, briefly distracted, and then returned the warm smile.

"Hello yourself," she set down the paper and continued, "Are you drenched?"

She rose and gracefully walked over to him sliding one tanned arm around his waist and the other gently grasping his chin and planted a kiss on his mouth. "I was just looking for DJs in the paper."

"You might want to hold off on that baby. I'm afraid I have some news."

Aidan walked out to the deck beyond the kitchen and stared out over the long stretch of deserted beach and ocean. They had changed their wedding plans a few times already and Aidan wished he had just taken her away and married her the minute he popped the question. Giving her a spectacular wedding meant a lot to him but something always derailed their plans.

Lakin followed him out there, put her arms around him and murmured against his back, "Whatever it is, we will deal with it Aidan. I love you and I don't need all the glitz. I just want to marry you, anywhere and anytime."

Rain danced off the freshly painted wood railing, dripped rhythmically from the gutters as the surf pounded against the shore. Aidan still felt somehow like he was letting Lakin down and allowing their wedding to take a back seat to all the drama with Cooper and Mercury Rising. She deserved better and yet she took it all in stride. He was a very lucky man.

Aidan turned to face her. Disappointment and regret was all written all over his face. "I hate having to keep postponing. At some point, we won't even be able to rent a venue for the reception when they see us coming. I don't want to wait any longer Lakin."

She stared up at him eyes shining in the soft light. "Aidan, let's just elope. I don't want to wait either. We can run off and just do it."

"I was sort of hoping you would feel that way. Are you sure Lakin?" He searched her face for any hint of sorrow.

"Of course I'm sure. We'll pick a date tonight and nothing will stand in our way. I've never been to Vegas, you know. We could do it there!"

Aidan lifted her and spun her around in his arms, joy shining through his wide smile. "I love you, you know that?" He kissed her thoroughly, hoisted her up onto his shoulder and carried her to the bedroom

South Beach - Mitchell Residence: Wednesday, 1:17AM

Unable to sleep Peri pulled on a sweater and jeans and slipped downstairs pausing to watch Saffron, her new little kitten, as she slept under the stairs. Saffron was curled up in a tiny ball of fur, the massive bed she slept in making her look even smaller than she was. It was not unlike how Peri felt surrounded by huge empty rooms of the massive house she had shared with Heydon and their children.

She switched on the desk lamp in the library and booted up her computer. Peri had been frequenting chat rooms. She was successful and outgoing and didn't need to hide behind the anonymity, but she enjoyed the playful atmosphere and had met some nice people. One of them was a man she knew as metrognome. To her surprise, they had made an instant connection. In the months they had been chatting, she had come to learn many things about him including the fact that he was smart, recently divorced, and an art and music lover. He made her laugh, something she hadn't done in a long while, and Peri looked forward to their online time together.

Logging into the site, her heart leapt when she saw the immediate private message from him pop up on her screen.

metrognome: Hi there semi-precious...can't sleep?
semi-precious: Insomnia. You?
metrognome: I'm a night owl, remember?
semi-precious: LOL! Yes I remember.
metrognome: We really have to stop meeting like this...
semi-precious: You want to stop chatting? I understand...
metrognome: No that isn't it. I want to stop meeting like this. I want...
semi-precious: You want what?
metrognome: To meet in person.

Peri stared at the flashing cursor on her monitor. He wanted to meet. Thinking about it, what did she have to lose, she was single and she liked the guy. What harm would there be in meeting? As she thought about it another message popped up.

metrognome: Are you there?
semi-precious: I'm here...I don't could be a stalker or serial killer ;p
metrognome: Do you really feel that way?
semi-precious: No...but I could be an ugly fat ogre with warts.
metrognome: I wouldn't care. You're beautiful to me already. Meet me.

Bay View - Seaside Bistro: Thursday, 2:09PM

The next afternoon Peri walked confidently toward the cafe feeling lighter than she had in months. She arrived early, excited and eager to meet the man who had entranced her online. He told her he would be dressed in blue, his favorite color. She told him she would be dressed to kill. Her eyes swept through the crowd expectantly when she felt a warm hand on her shoulder. Smiling, she turned to face him.

"Danny! What are you doing here?" Peri hissed as she brushed his hand away.

"I have a date." Danny grinned at her, that same boyish charm chipping away at her resolve, tearing down the walls that she used to keep him at arm's length. He was infuriating, really. "You look incredible Peri; you always knew how to turn heads." His eyes slowly travelled over her body. She felt her cheeks flush slightly at the thrill it gave her.

Peri tried to shake off the feeling; after all, she was meeting another man, a man that she felt connected to. "A the middle of the afternoon at a cafe? You expect me to believe that? Do the women you date even come out during the day? Well for your information I also have a date so if you will excuse me..."

He cut her off mid sentence, "Peri, it's me." Danny reached toward her and Peri withdrew from his touch.

Exasperated and somewhat irritated, she released a sigh and snapped, "What are you talking about? You know what I don't even want to know. I'm meeting someone Danny so go away, leave me alone."

Anxious now, Peri scanned the crowd of people that wandered along the street and in the cafe. Her heart was pounding and her thoughts grew increasingly muddled and confused. Why was he here of all places? She exhaled once more, trying to regain her composure, trying to shove down the misgivings that began to creep into her head.

"Peri, it's me," Danny repeated more softly. "Metrognome."

Peri struggled to keep her warring emotions in check. There was no way that Daniel Whitney was the man she talked with for hours on the nuances of texture and motion, of willow and vine. "You?" she gasped. "How could you! You jerk! You ass!"

Danny laughed. "I thought it was pretty clever..."

"You think this is funny? Why would you do something like this to me?" Peri pushed him back but Danny didn't move.

Peri tried to walk away but Danny stopped her by placing his arms firmly around her. His face finally grew serious, almost pained as he spoke. "It was the only way I knew you would let me in and see who I really am. You always used that screen name, you think I could forget that...or anything else about you? You liked the man you got to know online Peri, he made you laugh, made you feel wanted and that's why you're here. I am that man. I love you, I always have. Please give us a chance."

She stood silent for several moments. What she needed was distance; she couldn't think clearly with him so close. The hopeful expression he wore turned to defeat and then to resolve. "I won't give up Peri. I'm going to fight for you as long as it takes."

He released her and began to walk away when she gently laid her head against his back and placed her hands on his bare shoulders to keep him from leaving. "Don't go," she murmured quietly.

When Danny turned around Peri's expression no longer held anger in it. Her eyes shone brightly like the gemstone her mother named her after as Peri smiled up at him and teased, "Metrognome...that was the best you could come up with?"

Las Vegas, NV - Candlelight Wedding Chapel: Friday, 9:26PM


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S.B. said...

This is such a wonderful, wonderful interlude, a fantastic, romantic, charming escape from all the drama with Cooper.

I love Aidan and Lakin together. The wedding, the chapel, the shots, the easy and comfortable relationship they have, all of it is so sweet.

And Danny and know I was pulling for that to happen. It's too bad that they both spent so many years regretting and trying to force relationships that ultimately did not work, but they really do seem meant for each other. metrognome. god what a name....

So let's see...while Cooper has been out there stewing over Stevie and what he wants to do with his life, leaving the band in the lurch, they've all managed to find love some measure of contentment. Heydon's got Cam; Danny and Peri; Aidan and Lakin. And there's the not so good a place at all.

Beautiful, romantic, gorgeous shots. Lovely and charming. I just adore it! You did good!!!

Phoenix said...

Awwww!!! This sure was different! But in a good way! I found myself grinning instead of scowling at the screen! I'm a sucker for romance and it's good to see it evolve naturally.

I agree with Beth. Everyone else is finding their match and the star is left out in the cold, floundering. Wondering what in the heck is going on.

Poetic justice I think!:P

Lovely interlude. Just heartwarming.

Van said...

Awww, Aidan and Lakin are so cute! I love how they just wanted to be married, and didn't care when or how. So romantic!

And Danny and Peri... also awwww! *squee* This was a nice little interlude between pieces of the big drama. Well done! :)

thewynd said...

Thank you Beth! I had to laugh at Danny's screen name, kind of a double meaning there. I do feel better now that we at least have them where they are meant to be. Regretting not adding some text with the wedding shots...oh well!

thewynd said...

Phoenix, it was different, light and full of love. It is an interesting contrast to what is going on with Cooper and it felt like the right time to inject it into the story. It may even have an impact down the road now that these two couples are together.

Thanks for reading!

thewynd said...

Dinuriel, they really are a sweet couple, Aidan and Lakin. She has always been a sweet, unassuming girl. She almost doesn't fit in with the life style but then neither does Aidan to an extent.

Danny and Peri have been a long time coming. He always knew it, she just needed some persuading.

Thank you!

Mao said...

Awwww! Aiden and Lakin, that's just wonderful for them. :D Maybe they'll be the functional, married couple amongst all the chaos.

And somehow, something in the back of my mind screamed "Danny" when the chatroom/etc was mentioned. It just seemed too convenient and he's way, way too persistent to just "give up".

It was an excellent contrast to the shattered pieces falling around Cooper right now. So many questions, thoughts of betrayal, etc... this was the flip side. Love can be good and bad, sometimes both at the same time. It's fun seeing the different meanings to the different people/couples that exist within this story.

thewynd said...

Mao, you absolutely called it. Danny wasn't ever going to give up or let go. He knew he would wear her down or die trying.

Aidan and Lakin are definitely the most "normal" couple out of all of them. They are both unassuming and unaffected by the fame and all that comes with it. I think they will always be deliriously happy. I really do.

Thanks Mao and congrats on NaNo!

Muzegoddess said...

Oh, I love this, I was wondering when Danny was going to make his move. All the love he's had for Peri all those years can finally be shared. Heartbreakingly sweet.

And Aiden and Lakin are so cute together I am happy that they decided to cut out all the pomp and circumstance and just go for it. The wedding shots are so beautiful.

Glad to see a few couples doing well here. Hopefully Beth and Cooper can find their way back to that place too.

Wonderful update :)

thewynd said...

Muzegoddess, poor Danny has been trying and trying to make his move. He totally got to her though, even if it was a bit underhanded. He knows her so well.

Aidan and Lakin just can't help but make me smile. They have been the sweetest couple since day one.

Thanks so much!

Sinclair said...

This was such a holiday episode! The break in the dramatic story that makes the incredibly traumatic situations going on elsewhere seem miles away. A very welcomed change. Great job!

thewynd said...

Thank you Sinclair, I have also been dying for an excuse to use that song, which means a lot to me. It was a welcome respite from the drama and tension.

Anonymous said...

i like the lightheartedness in this piece. it's a nice break from the tension (not that the tension is bad, bc it's what keeps me on the edge of my computer chair). I'm not as familiar with these characters, but the writing was so compelling and sweet, Gayl.

This piece does stand for the happy facet of love, i wish aiden and lakin the best :)

thewynd said...

These poor guys have been on the back burner for a very long time. Glad I could put them in a happy place. Beth and I have been trying to find a way to do this for awhile.

cheripye said...

Darn Aidan is off the market, LOL! Beautiful screens there! and so fitting they really are in love arent they. LOL!

Hmmm... Poor Cooper and to add in the prospective change between Dan and Peri... Hmmm.... Could it be a love match??? LOL!

goodbye_sun said...

Nice change of pace, and its good to catch up on what some of the other characters are up to. Aiden and Lakin are so sweet, they just really want to just enjoy their lives together, and Danny and Peri, that seems a volatile mix. They are desperately drawn together, but I imagine they would have a hard time with the middle road, things would either be dead winter, or boiling for them.

thewynd said...

Cherie! LOL yes Aidan is off the market. They are definitely in love. As for Danny and Peri, we just have to see if they get their happily ever after...probably so though, they really do love each other.

thewynd said...

Thanks goodbye_sun! It was nice to do something light and happy and these poor guys have been back burner for a long time. I'm glad they got some resolution or at least got up to the times!

I agree that Danny and Peri will never really have a middle of the road life together. That is a combustible combo right there!

Emily said...

Well...didn't see this one coming! What a nice break from the tornado of events going on, I almost forgot about these characters and they are all so interesting on their own.

I loved the online chatting between Peri and Danny, that was such a cute idea, one I never could have come up with!

The wedding was sweet, the chapel was so adorable! And I think the no text thing always works when the pictures say enough, and those definitely did, you can feel their love and happiness.

Fabulous update and I'm all caught up now! *woot*

thewynd said...

Em, that is one of the reasons that Beth and I wanted to do this...there are other characters out there with loose ends that needed tying up. I don't know if we will see them again for awhile but they needed some sort of closure. This felt like the right time for it.

Thanks about the online thing...I think Peri would have rejected Danny if he had tried to get close in person. This was a good way for him to show her who he was now.

Colliegirl said...

Awwww! That was really sweet! You know, I was hoping it would be Danny that she found waiting. It was just like the scene from, You've Got Mail! I actually feared that Peri was going to let him walk away! Glad to see that she changed her mind. They really do make a cute couple. But now, what about the kids? I can hardly wait to see how this news is going to be received by them! Maybe Danny should try befriending them first online as well! Lol!

Metronome? A name for a piano player? Or for the fact that it swings back and forth... to help keep rhythm, of course! Lol!

Very nicely done!

thewynd said...

It was sort of obvious that it was going to be Danny wasn't it? I couldn't help but use that name. I figured it would have a variety of meanings, metro as in downtown gnome as in he is a creature that hangs out downtown, metronome as in he is a drummer who sets the pace, the beat of the music...

Not sure how the kids will take it. The boys will be fine with it, they are a lot more understanding of what went down than Cadence is. They may not like the idea of their mother getting with any guy though. I mean she's their mother LOL!

Thanks Colliegirl!!

S@n said...

Awwww.. this was beautiful... full of love and joy and happiness... really after all the drama some of the characters had gone through we really needed someone to be happy and easy going and just be there smiling... :D

Seriously this was beautiful...

Peri and Danni, they could work together, he really does care for her, doesn't he? After all the trouble he went through to get to her, I would definitely give him a chance...

and Aidan and Lakin are just meant to be... what a sweet couple... congratulations to the four of them!!! :D

This chapter just made me soo happy for all of them!!! :D